How to buy DLC costumes?


Where can I buy the DLC costumes?


On teh intarnets


The Windows Market place is selling them now. To launch the app just look in the start menu all programs for Microsoft Games for Windows - LIVE.


Oh wow I fucked up bad. I had 1000 pts I could have bought the complete package, fuck. Now I can only buy 3 individual packs.


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For what system? For 360, just go to “Games Marketplace” and find SFIV under the browse tab. There should be a single pack for 1000MSP, it has all the costumes.

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Everyone is lying you must slice your wrist open bleed all over the disc then put in in your xbox.
Instant DLC.


Yes and No?


Just No


This guy has a legitimate question, and some of you people are waaay out of line (PJ in particular)

Anyway, on the PS3 and 360, it’s pretty straightforward, there are links to buy DLC all over the integrated store interfaces and in the dashboard/xmb

PC as others have said is a little less straightforward, you have to find and launch your games for windows live client, then log into it. Be careful, you can’t sign onto X-box live and the Games for windows live on your PC at the same time with the same account, so you might want to set up a separate PC live account if you have friends who’ll be on your TV while you use the PC


Thanks Raynbeaux and SaveFighting. Apparently one needs to insult another on this board to make himself feel like he’s worth something.


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This didn’t need a thread. It needed you to not be lazy and/or something worthy of namecalling. and for you to look yourself. It would be utterly impossible to miss had you not been lazy.


It’s easier to ask people who have the answers though. I don’t get this forum and the 'OMG DIS TRED NOT NIDED!" attitude, it’s a forum … Asking questions (SFIV ones no less) is one of its purposes.


Its the “DUH!” rule.

You don’t waste other peoples time and clutter up the forum by asking questions that you could very well figure out on your own.

DLC is not the Schrodinger equation for crying out loud.


Well no shit, if it’s a useless thread no one will bother with it and it’ll eventually make its way off the front page. Basically, I just don’t see why people get personal over it.

PJ for instance. Lol



A. The poster will bump his own thread if no one answers

B. He will do it again if he doesn’t learn.


I’m a PC user, and it’s my first time using this whole windows for live crap. So don’t go assuming as if it’s a common fact just because you own a xbox. I asked on a SFIV forum, no need to get so heated over it.


It still is something you should be able to figure out. Microsoft may suck for many reasons, but cryptic websites aren’t it.