How to calculate frame data


Hey Guys

I have a question on how to calculate frame data. Currently I know how to calculate start up and disadvantage of moves using a 60 fps recorder(Hauppauge HD PVR), however calculating the other properties of moves escapes me. For instance move properties like invincibility(when it starts and how long it lasts), how long a move is active, etc. I’d be very appreciative if any could share there knowledge with me. I’m very much a scientist and frame data really helps me.Thanks for taking the time to read.

Also please excuse me if this is the incorrect place to post this thread. I not very used to SRK atm.


You can see some of the frame data at wiki sites like SRK’s hyper guide:

Some of the frame data include everything you’re asking about, eg:

For the missing data, see if you can find a character forum or thread for the game that you play and post your (specific) question there.

Another way of calculating frame data is to calculate relative to a move whose properties are known to you. eg. If you know character A has a 5f jab and you want to see the properties of Character B’s jab. Get them to perform them both at the same time next to each other. If they trade, B’s jab is also 5f. If A wins, B’s is slower. If B’s wins, it must be at least 4f or faster. There are edge cases where moves beat each other because of hitbox and invincibility issues, but these mostly apply to special moves.