How to cancel, XX HG effectively?



it seems to me i cant do it smooth… ii only pull it off about 1/20 times… after psylocke hits i have to (that’s fine) and cancels very fast into HG…

any easy way to do this??


Make sure you’re letting the hit first, then cancel it into the HG. Also remember, it doesn’t work on heavy characters (e.g. Sentinel, Jugg, BH, etc.).

Sorry, I know it isn’t much, but that’s all I can think of.

Hope that helps.

  • Geronimo


if you do it fast enough, you can do it on large characters. i do it on the cpu all the time

as for the cancel… buff it out…

when u do the clk, chk, let go of down as soon as you hit hk, and start the motion. as long as you complete the motion as soon as the kick hits, it’s no problem when you start it. and as SOON as you cancel the hypergrav, immediately do tempest.

the only time it doesn’t work on large characters is if you ONLY do hg with no tempest.

but it’s not that hard, however, i don’t reccomend learning it / relying on it. 1. it’s mashable, 2. you can’t do much after it. i’d suggest just learning to rom from the clk, chk, or learn to do a combo instead aka…

clk, clk, psylocke, clk, chk, hg, chp, sj, magic, tempest, DHC hailstorm, or something like that…

or u can always snap out instead. it’s just that once you get that first hit with magneto, it’s not a good idea to risk losing by doing something stupid like clk, chk, hg xx temp. if you lose it, lose it because the other player needed skills to get out, like blocking a complex reset.


actually sorry i didnt state my question clearly…

i mean the, XX HG as an OTG, combo it after psy hits or a corner HK throw… sorry i didnt mean do it right at the beginning of the combo… i much rather do psy,, psy hits…

as for the cancelling part…

do i put my finger off hk as soon as i start the motion and press hk agn after the motion finished?? coz i’ve read sumwhere that you only need to press HK ONCE to do BOTH the AND HG, it’s like do the motion and then press HK when the joy hits down/backward… or sth. like that… is this true??


as hadoken king proves again that he can’t read…

he’s asking about just otg hypergrav, not hypergrav xx tempest. and you can’t otg hypergrav on the huge characters.

don’t do that buffering stuff, it only makes it harder. just do c.short c.rh, make sure the stick goes to forward, then hcb short/rh for hypergrav. most of the time the problem is that you’re still holding some form of down direction (like df) for c.rh and thus you don’t get hcb motion.




no problem, you’re always entertaining. keep up the pride in stupidity.


I heart Amingo.


so i just gotta make sure the joy was at the forward position then do the motion really slowly and aim to do the lk at about d/f and the hk at d/b right?? so i only have to press hk once and once the motion finish it’ll automatically cancel into HG??


no don’t buffer it, just do it normally. c.short, c.rh, then once you see c.rh hit move the stick to forward, then hcb either short or rh hypergrav. it’s not hard once you practice.


normally the setup starts with dashing in, correct.?

dash x psy assist. (psy hits) x HG.

when dashing in you are holding forward. then you crouch for the lk. instead of just holding down, hold downforward. after psy hits perform the and still holding downforward. right after the hk, just roll the stick back for the HG.