How to cancel Light P yoga flame into Yoga inferno, Please help

Hi all, To all Dhalsim fans,
I just wondering if anyone can tell me how to cancel Light P yoga flame into Yoga inferno. I have a hard time doing it. Please help. I have tried it many times but I could not do it.

Any help is appreciated.
Thank you very much.

Tat W

Are you playing on stick or pad?

If stick: [media=youtube]A2ozgwcYU6w[/media] this should help a bit!

Well, your super must come out the exact time as the flame hits.
It’s kinda hard at first when you are learning, because it’s not like Ryu for instance, who can hfc+P, hfc+P and do hadouken->super.

Just do qcb+lp hfcx2 +p really fast, and time your second “p” just as the yoga flame hits.
There isn’t much we can do to help in this case actually, just gotta practice