How to change button settings on PC?

I am picking up ibuki and trying to set the KKK button on my stick to LP so i can plink it while practicing the tsumuji loop. However the PC button config is really weird as many of you may know, and it wont let me bind 2 things to 1 move. Does any PC ibuki’s know how to get around this?

any help is much appreciated. THANKS! :slight_smile:

This is really more suited to the Tech Talk section of the forums, but AFAIK there is no way to do this in-game. What you might be able to do, though, is to get a program like xPadder that can bind your stick’s buttons to keyboard (e.g. bind both LP and KKK to spacebar or whatever, and then set spacebar as LP in-game). Bear in mind that this probably isn’t a usable solution if you ever plan to play on another console or someone else’s PC.

That’s not how plinking works. You need to bind KKK button to Select. Binding KKK to be another jab button would be the same as double tapping, though a lot harder imo, and probably not what you’re trying to accomplish.