How to charge Juri's Fuhajin?

Every person who reads that title is thinking “Oh this guy is beyond new to SF”

Oh I am new to the game to be sure, I have not had much time to play this week, but I just want to know thing that is about to send me to the crazy house. I have researched this, I have tried it myself and I cannot come up with how in the blazes you charge her fuhajin over 3 times?

It starts @ 5:55, someone charges it 13 times, does not give a version of the game, but if this is possible in SSF4 AE 2012 I would like to know how you do it. I wouldn’t even call it a charge, I would call it canceling.


Thank you

Not even half a pro, but i tried it the other day, and i think you need to release the charged fireball while doing the next Fuhajin, example:

LK Fuhajin, hold LK --> MK Fuhajin, while the MK kick animation is on, release LK, while still holding MK Fuhajin’s fireball, and then you can repeat doing LK Fuhajin and so on. Note you can do any versions of the move, as long as the next Fuhajin is not the same kick.

I hope i’m right in this, will give it a try later tonight, maybe until then someone better can answer this.

Nope, you’ve got it correct. Simply do a fuhajin store followed by another fuhajin store and release the previous store while the animation is still active. Swap and repeat.

Thanks I can’t wait to try this when I get home, I am glad to hear that your able to do it

it’s good to learn how to do in case you’re playing against someone who’s turtling really hard and not pressuring you at all, you can build meter pretty quick

qcf+lk, qcf+mk (while doing the animation for this, release lk), qcf+hk (while doing the animation for this, release mk), qcf+lk (while doing the animation for this, release hk) -> rinse and repeat


If you wanna see someone do it with the camera on the hands, Kail has an amazing video explaining everything. What you’re looking for starts at 2:15

During the animation of the previous store, release the store on another fuhajin.


Or as in Kail’s video, you can do it with two strengths only if you want.

Once you get the rhythm of this, it becomes very easy to do and can be abused to gain meter when your opponent playing over-defensively (i.e. when he has no health left and is sitting in the corner spamming fireballs).

One thing to mention about doing this is that your store is actually unsafe to characters who can get in fast, Makoto’s U2, Chun-li’s U1, Juri-mirror’s dive kick, etc.

Thanks guys this has been the most helpful thread ever

the “fuhajin swap” is really useful for just building meter especially if ur wanting to build quick meter during a dizzy/stun opponent