How to charge

Alright so I’m pretty new, I really want to start using deejay, but I have no clue how to combo into his specials. I understand buffering for regular characters, but when it comes to charge characters I have no clue. Is there a video out there that shows how to combo into charge specials? Or can anyone explain it ?

hold the indicated direction for 1 second.

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I kinda understood that part, but when i go into c.lp I cant do an air slash after that, even when i held back in the air as I went in with the

I’d typically shuffle this into the Saikyo Newbie Board, but I think the guys in the DeeJay sub-board might be able to help you out with some specifics.

Alright well I’m assuming you already know how to do his specials (air slash, sobat, jack knife).

Basically to combo into them off of a jump in, you jump, and as soon as you jump you hit back or downback to start charging. Then you do the air attack, combo into the ground attack while still charging, and by that time you should already have enough charge to do a special. IF not then try doing 2 ground attacks and cancel it into a special.

jump in HK > cr. LP > cr. LP xx HP air slasher

tell me if you need help.

the best way to charge is to hold down back the second you hit the jump button not when you see your charater on the screen go that slight delay will prevent you from getting the charge

I’d hit the training mode first thing you can and practice some basic special moves, and grow from there. I’m going to try to tell you in the most basic way, so I want you to bare with me if I get redundant/patronizing.

Step 1: Down back charge. Practice moving into down back at any given time along the screen. This is a natural position for charge characters and essential to deejay. It’s good to do a few standing punches and kicks, then go immediately to down back.

Step 2:Start by attempting a Double Rolling Sobat, a Air slasher, Machingun uppercut, and a Jacknife maximum. Do this 10x in a row without messing up. If you can reliably do the move, you can link into it reliably. All three should be done from downback until you get the basics. Once you land that enough times, do 5x of Sobat and Air slasher, from a back position (Standing.)

Step 3: Move close to your draining dummy, and turn off auto-guard, begin by using the downback for 2 seconds. Then hit and attempt any of the special moves from Step 2. Land this consecutively 15x. The key is to press it in a rhythm, > forward > any punch/kick. It shouldn’t come out like one two three, but instead a basic 1, 2. It’s important that you know how to do separately, which anyone can, and then the moves. Combining them takes a bit of time but everyone gets it.

Step 4 Attempt to jump in, while holding a charge. This can be easier to do with jumping in and downback, but jumping in and straight down works too. Take all the steps up to this point, and immediately do them in order after a regular jump. So jump > hold downback in midair> Medium kick (midair) > c. mp (as soon as you land) > foward or up > any punch any kick. This is the most basic way to get around to it.

Linking your super combo: After Step 4, you should understand how to hold a charge much better then before. All you need do now, is practice how to get things like you super combo out. This is easiest with a sobat kick, seeing as all you need to do after sobat kicking is quickly attempt to do another sobat kick right afterwards, the super should come out if you did it properly.

Step 5: Practice. Only scrubs mess up and keep going without trying to get better. You made the first two correct steps by coming to SRK (kinda lol) and then looking for advice. Learning how to hold a charge is essential for Deejay, but taking that extra time to master the down back is crucial to improving, as well as opening the door for other charge characters (Bison, E. Honda, Chun-Li, Vega, Balrog, and Guile.)

Step 6: Challenge mode. Get through all of them with Deejay, and not only do you get the best titles and Icons, you’ve shown you can complete every obstacle Capcom can throw at you with him. Not only that, but you’ll learn some neat tricks you can do.

If you need to learn how to charge buffer(a tecinec that shortes charge time) post so I can tell you how

This is probably the best thing to learn about how to precharge with charge type characters.


Edit: Yes, I know it’s for Guile but pretty much the same rules apply to DeeJay as well.