How to chase off FGC members

So for the first time in months, I decide to pick up AE and play some endless battle. I just started playing stick 2 months ago for once or twice a week an hour here and there. I feel pretty confident, till I play someone in the SRK forums who after beating me probably close to 30 times (he let me win once I’m sure) he messages me “just stop… u are sooo bad just stop playing street fighter go to marvel where u can mash your heart out” I will be the first to admit I need a lot of practice and maybe some coaching; that’s why I joined the forum. My point is please be a gracious winner if you want to sit all by yourself in endless battle, you are on your way with your needless smack talk. There are better players than you and worse ones (obviously me). Be a nice guy. Ghetto Boys said it best “gangsta ass n***as don’t flex nuts … (they) just know they got 'em”. If it was close win/loss or I was saying mean things other than “thx” by all means talk crap. But if I’m being nice than would it kill you to be nice back? I even tweeted the guy in the middle of the beatings and thanked him for them… Too nice? I guess I am.

I always try to be as humble as possible, Always send “good match” messages and such. All you can really do man is ignore the “cancers” of the FGC and train with like-minded people like yourself. Hell, if your on Xbox let me know, I’ve had my stick for like a month and I been playing like an hour or 2 every couple of days. Im on the east coast so If you wanna link up later just hit me up with your Gamertag…

Thanks@PyrexHD I’m PSN unfortunately :frowning: but i have been playing for longer than I should admit as bad as I am obviously. It will take more than a couple bad winners to chase me off. That one win I had I said to myself “you still have a shot”

Penguin, the guy who told you to stop? You should laugh at him. Tell him to go fuck himself, and on top of that, use his discouraging words as encouragement to get better. Not everyone’s gonna wanna hold your hand. Some people are gonna wanna hurt you, as much as they can. But you gotta say ‘No.’

Just saying, even ass holes are good for the FGC, it motivates us good hearted people to whoop their ass.

You raise a good point. You can’t know the sweet without the salty (me perhaps) thanks.

I played fighters casually off and on for as long as I can remember but never got beyond mashing buttons. Find a good local group in regional match making. See if they have regular casual meet ups and get to know them. I literally showed up out of the blue at a local tournament but didn’t play. I just scoped out how they treated strangers. I joined their group afterwards and have been going to weekly casuals every since. My local scene has been very welcoming and has been more than willing to help me train from the ground up. It’s intimidating at first but show that you are willing to put in the time and you will be rewarded.

I actually just joined the 801 Utah Street Fighter FB page looking for some casuals in my area when I’m off. I work Wed-Sun 3pm to midnight which sucks cause it looks like they have them but not when I’m available. Just gonna keep my hopes up some group outta Rose Park responds to the FB post (plea) I made.

thanks all for the pick-me-ups. guess this old man will keep gettin back up and learn how to play better.

Are you new here?

Been here 6 months but playing fighters for way too long to still need this much work… But I love em’ especially SF.

Welcome to the internet…where haters are free to run rampant.
It’s okay to ask for a little better courtesy…but at the same time you gotta have a thicker skin even it comes to the scrubs.

I remember at last year’s EVO during pools I noticed 3 guys straight talking trash about Chris G when he was on the big screen playing SSF4. These guys spent the whole match up saying Chris G is a scrub, cheap, fag, spammer, etc. I didn’t say anything because I just wanted to watch the match (forgot who his opponent was, but he was a Ken player, so I rooted for the Kens). After Chris G won, he went off through the crowd and happened to go through those 3 guys.

You know what happened…those 3 guys shined Chris G’s ass with compliments and props. I saw that, afterwards went to them and said, “You guys are quite bitchmade.”

Anyway…scrubs are always going to hate on you online regardless if you are a noob, or you are a top player in your respective game. Really look into making friends in the community on the local.

Good luck.

That is such a great story and very motivating. I was more taken back by this player that if I was so bad, why play me over 30 matches? I hope to get out to a function soon. We just had Salt Fest and due to my schedule, I missed out. I used to have friends back home in New Orleans where we would get together every week. Since I moved out here to SLC and working this shift I have longed for the interaction.

Dont sweat them, they are those who think they are godlike at the game and everyone who they get 2 wins off of kinda free is ass at the game…

You will eventually start picking up on patterns (unless you play seth, nobody knows what that guy will do…trust me, I dont know how many perfects Ive gotten with this character, from all the ass beatings he gave everyone in the game they shouldve learned by now?) and you will be bodying guys on the regular…
It just takes a lot of time, effort, and losing.

Love the gif. Well Said.

dont be surprised, almost 100% of the people on srk and the people who play capcom fighters that were released in 09 onwards are complete assholes because their games are dumbed down enough for them to become an upper mid level player in a few weeks which just inflates their egos misleading them into thinking they are good so they talk down to people

I played ssf4 and earned some rank while still on a fight pad and then due to me being a “family man” I had to pawn my stuff for a bit. Things got better for us financially and I picked it all up again and a couple sticks. It has been an uphill road but I want to be a consistent player and get my combos down plus make some friends along the way. Thanks again.

If you just want to rant, please make a blog.