How to check your buttons/stick(quality control) for a TE stick


Hey, I recently purchased a used TE stick and wanted to know the best way to test it out to see if it is working at 100% capacity. The person that sold it to me said it was only used 3 times so it should be like brand new condition. Since this is my first TE stick i don’t know the normal sensitivity of the stick buttons etc, so i need help! Also it seems like when i hold the button down and release slighty and press the button again nothing seems to happen, is this normal?


If you aren’t allowing the switch to depress, then you won’t be able to activate the button. Basically, you’re completing the circuit without breaking it again, so the game will just see one press.


Why you not let go Button all way?


Press every direction, letting the stick return to neutral in between each move.

HOLD every direction (one at a time) for 10 seconds and verify that the input is constant. Use training mode input display for this.

Press every button once quickly, verify via the input display that the button press is recognized.

Negative edge a special off every button, verify the move works and the input is correct via the input display.

Lastly, verify that multiple concurrent button presses work and are displayed properly via the input display.

If all those tests pass, you are good to go.


I was just curious, my friend told me the buttons were very sensitive so that’s how i was checking. Also it seems like the double tap for Sagat’s feint hk isn’t always going through, thoughts? Thanks


Its probably your timing on the fake kick…


its got to be done pretty fast. Try middle and index finger drumming the button.