How to Cherry Mod using Xbox 360 Official PCB?

Is there a tutorial out there on how to perform the Cherry mod on a JLF with an official Xbox 360 PCB?

The PCB I have is currently rigged with quick disconnects but I’m not sure if I need to daisy chain the Cherry switches or if I could just hook up the quick disconnects to the cherry microswitches.

Any pics/instructions of a Cherry Modded JLF to a Xbox 360 PCB using quick disconnects would be greatly appreciated.

he details by using a madcatz retro arcade pcb in the videos, but it still applies to the ms controller since it should be common ground.

You can use Quick Disconnects on the Cherry.
You would Daisy Chain the Cherry Microswitches if you only have one Ground wire for Directions on Xbox 360 PCB.
If you have four Ground wires, one for each Direction, on your Xbox 360 PCB, then just connect to Cherry.

CoverlessTech made this video:
But he soldered directly from Xbox 360 PCB to Cherry Microswitch.

CoverlessTech’s Thread:

faux123 did Cherry to his Hori EX2:!/Joystick_Mods/Entries/2009/3/24_Hori_EX2_Cherry_Switches_%2B_Octogate_quick_mod.html
Used Quick Disconnect to go PCB to Cherry.

I have 4 ground wires, 1 for each direction. So does this mean I don’t have to daisy chain and I can just attach the quick disconnects to each corresponding Cherry microswitch?

Thanks for the info btw guys thumbsup

if you have the 4 directional and 4 ground it should work without modification

Awesome. Thanks man!