How to choose Orochi characters in KOF 98?

Ok, I’m pretty sure this is a dumb question but I can’t figure it out. The best hint I have is ‘its the same as choosing an EX character’… Which is great except for that fact that you can’t choose individual characters to be EX or ADV. Anyone? I want to start dishing out those O.Yashiro beatings as soon as possible.

iirc in KOF98 UM… I remember it being holding the back button(select whatever you want to call it) and you should see an evil portrait… then simply pick your character…

That’s it…

EDIT: Think you have to unlock them first, IDK but that’s how I was able to choose them…

Sweet, thanks man.

If you are playing OG 98 on a NeoGeo you would need to hold down start while select the characters that make up the Orochi team (Yashiro, Shermie and Chris)

Don’t forget that more characters than just the New Face Team have EX versions, in case you’ve never tried them. The portraits don’t change (in old 98) when you highlight them with Start held, so many people who play '98 casually don’t know about them. Here’s the characters that have EX versions:

OG 98:

Rugal (as broken-ass Omega Rugal…not sure if he’s in the arcade version but he’s in the home version)

In '98 UM the following characters also have EX versions:

Blue Mary

And how do you you pick ex chars?

Ok, thanks for clearing that up guys. The main confusion is coming from that fact that people keep calling these alternate characters the ‘EX’ versions, despite the fact that EX already stands for Extra, i.e the EX groove. What the hell guys, that’s completely retarded :confused:

TNB, to pick ‘EX’ characters hold start/ select (depending on which game your playing); you should see the character portrait change. While holding down start/ select, choose your character (A, B, C or D). Unless your question was, ‘How do I choose characters in the EX groove?’ In which case you choose EX instead of ADV before you choose your characters :sweat:

X-X-Mai yo

They’re more commonly known as O. Character Name (O. for “Orochi” or “Old”). I just call ‘em EX because (a) I don’t feel like “Old” properly describes many of these characters’ movesets relative to RBFF, AOF, etc., and (b) I like the EX abbreviation. I also figure if mode needs to be specified as non-Advanced (more important in '98 UM where Extra is viable), you can just list it in media notation or your sig or whatever as (EXT) O. Mai/O. Yashiro/O. Chris. As long as the syntax is right I don’t think confusion should be an issue.