How to choose ratios the Burghy way

Critical damage zone? Forget it!

Here’s how you choose your ratios, based on the leading statistical analysis of our time.

Type A people - these are people that are solid enough to do decent damage every time. They’re reliable so you would commonly use them as ‘anchors’. For example, no matter who you’re playing against, K Blanka is going to do at least some damage.

Type B people - these are people that don’t always do much damage, but when they get going they can do huge damage. For example, if Kyo gets his pressures going, he can be devastating.

Other things being equal, type A people should be ratio 2 while type B people should be ratio 1.

Some characters can fit into both categories. For example, Sagat can do lots of damage pretty consistently, but if he has level 2 meter or above he can be very devastating. Likewise, Cammy can do more damage with a super meter than without. In these cases, you see how vital the super meter is to the damage dealing capability of the character. The more important the super meter is, the more likely you are to put him/her as a ratio 1.
In charge grooves (C, A, P, N), your ratio 2 should be either second or third. This is because a ratio 2 does more damage with a given amount of meter than a ratio 1.

In K groove, your ratio 2 should always be first. This is because against most people, you will be using ratio 2 against ratio 1 (they’ll use a 1-1-2 or 1-2-1 formation). You also get the maximum amount of raging this way. A ratio 2 fighting ratio 1s can get raged 3-4 times per round, whereas the same one fighting ratio 2s could only get raged around 2 times per round.

Therefore, mathematically, you have an advantage in K groove when you’re against a lower ratio. (There is not too much difference in a ratio 1 vs a ratio 1 or ratio 2. Either way you’re only going to rage twice)

In addition you get a psychological bonus.

Thanks. Comments appreciated.

Edit: obviously, in A groove, characters that rely on high hit count custom combos (Sakura, Bison, Todo) should be ratio 1 and characters that rely on damaging hits (Blanka) should be ratio 2.

not a bad idee but I play K-groove and I always do 1-1-2 because if you are loosing its pretty taugh to make a come back with a ratio 1 at the end. You see, if the guy is winning and has half of 1 r1 caracter and you only have your r2 caracter left you normally destroy really fast the rest of is r1 and your even( full r2 against a pretty full r2 because you gain life). But not bad, I try your way and I’ll post the result if its working ( that means, if I’ll get 25 wins instead of 15 wins in a row for my 0,50$) :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

I think you should also note that characters based on running the clock or running away (i.e. Vega, Guile, Rolento) should be ratio 1…that’s in general for me, anyways…

Good Burghy-eq post