How to chose your team hyper partner?


Recently I have seen that it is possible to chose your team hyper combo partner when you have only 2 bars and three characters. However, whenever I use it, it chooses only the first 2 characters by default. This really limits my options as it seems. Can anyone tell me how this can be accomplished?

You can’t really “choose”. IIRC if you use your second character’s assist in a combo, since the third character comes off cooldown earlier, you can do a THC with the first/third characters.

Here is an example of a character appearing to chose their team hyper partner at 58:03. I can’t seem to figure out what the method is. I don’t think there was any Magneto cooldown, and I couldn’t get that whole idea to work anyway.

Any available enlightenment?

Also here at 2:52 and plenty more

Um, the THCs are all working correctly in those videos. Magneto is not coming out because he’s not the second character in the team order, he’s third. The top lifebar is for the third character.

Well shit. You’re right

If you call your first assist, then do team hyper while the assist is on cooldown, you’ll get the team hyper of your character in the second assist slot. Here’s the method at work:

I whiffed Cold Star mid-combo to make sure I got Million Dollars instead of Okami Shuffle in the THC. It doesn’t have to be mid-combo though, as long as you do the THC while your first assist can’t be called, you’re good.

Thanks for the tips!