How to clean busts

Dust gets in all the nooks and crannies so how do I clean em?

Dip them in cold water?

I use canned air personally. That stuff works really well for models and figures

Isn’t that just pushing the air further into cracks and is there a risk of paint peeling due to the blast of air?

This thread title made me giggle.

I use my mouth.

Wait, what kind of busts are we talking about?

for a sec, i thought the thread title is “how to clean butts” :rofl:

Try using q-tips, you can just tear off some of the tip if you’re trying to get into a really small area.

I think they mean statues.

People still say “bust a nut?”

I was thinking of this kind of bust:

Well, it sounds like whatever you have is higher quality than the stuff I have cause I can’t imagine that being a problem for anythign I use it for.

Edit: can someone else give a real answer please? I too would like to know if there’s a better, safer way to clean delicate stuff.

I have the $50+ street fighter busts/ I have all the ones produced-about 7 of them I think.

I just use an ordinary feather duster most of the time and that works fine, shrug…

Has Ms Li been fisting someone??

Who made that sprite? I’ve seen it before, but the resolution is much higher than the original Psylocke sprite.

One of the chaps in the SSF2T: HD Remix thread.