How to clean Plexiglas?

So a buddy of mine recently brought over one of his old HRAP3 to play with and I couldnt help but notice how dirty his plexi was. So my question (as the title says) is, what do you guys use to clean your plexi? What product could you buy from local stores such as Lowes, Home Depot etc etc. I know I could have done some research online and so forth but I wanted to get feedback from the community here. Also, the more specific you could be will be more helpful.

Microfiber cloth, you can find it anywhere. Guaranteed to find in an automotive store.

Well maybe I should have asked this better but what im asking is what liquid product can you buy in local stores to clean plexi? A single microfiber cloth wont be enough to clean my friends plexi, trust me lol.

NOVUS #1 and a microfiber cloth work wonders on plexi. Same stuff arthong sells to go with his plexi.

Yeah i noticed he sells that stuff but I didnt buy any from him. Im looking for something I can buy in local stores.

If you’re using a microfiber cloth, then soap/water will probably be fine. If you have crazy chemicals and crap stuck on there than I don’t know what you can use. =/

If you look for a CD three part repair kit, I do believe that each part is basically NOVUS numbers 1-3. Not quite as cheap as NOVUS, but at least it’s there.

That works too, Im not worried bout price, hes buying it lol =] thanks for the info guys

EDIT: another thing that I found works would be any cleaner for motorcycle windshields, they’re made out of plexi too. the cleaners get the job done pretty good as well.