How to close the gap?

Just started trying to learn Necro’s SA3 game, and am having a HARD time trying to get in close enough to start his mixups. After repeatedly trying it, I see how terrible Necro’s air attack is straight up, especially against shotos :sad: His dash isn’t much better, just off of feel it just feels slightly better than Oro’s dash. So how exactly does he get in on a Chun or Ken? Am I supposed to sit back and wait for them to come to me? The problem with that is that his anti air game seems to be parry bait(even electricity if you abuse it), so I don’t feel confident taking them out of the air.

Another completely different problem, on their wakeup, all I do is>mp tornado hook, and>lp tornado hook. What other effective wakeup moves does he have?

There’s always UOH into d.LK-hook, or crossup/not crossup drill kick, or throw, or walk-out-of-throw-then-combo, I see b+hp sometimes, etc…

If they’re in the corner, throw, then reset.

I use mk dive kicks to get in, then mix it up with jumping RHs (which you then hit confirm into ES). If your’e on top of them, you can do quick jumping RH divekicks too. Mix up the dive kicks and what not, and after you’ve trained them to block repeated divekicks/hooks, start throwing more. =)

I also COMPLETELY forgot about his command throw, I just realized. I’ve never used it against another human being yet, heh. The very first way I tried to get in was by mk dive kicks, but they actually got srked or thrown when I landed. I appreciate the advice, but for now I’m going to try to bait them to my side of the screen and try to land his command throw, I heard you can’t QR out of it?

yeah for whatever reason you can’t quickstand out of the command throw.

And basically waht Bannanaweed said is what I say too.

Except Plus this:

Just be patient. Patience is a virtue and I think alot of people who play 3s don’t realize that alot like Super Turbo patience is very key to this game and with Necro you definetly need to be patient and then capitalize on every little opening. If you fuck up and miss one chance, your not going to get it again most likely so take advantage!

the only advice:

be random and good at parrying and keep a safe distance when playing against common characters (ie: ken, chun-li, yun). dont dive-kick you’re opponent so much when they’re getting up from a knowdown because you’ll just get punished by some form of AA or a simple throw. remember that his dive kick (fk) can be parried downward as well which leaves you wide open. the only possible form to actually get in is to anticipate your opponent’s retaliation.

some other advice would be to practice timing his UOH into into lp tornado hook or UOH into into SA1 or SA3.

also, try making up some poking strings with necro. his main game is to get your opponent cornered so you’ll have to get them cornered with whatever you can. his lk and mk has good use for it.