How to combo normals into each other? (I'm new :X)

So I just picked up my first stick the other day, as well as a copy of SSF4AE, and I’m having a blast so far. However, one thing has me stumped at the moment.

How do you combo normals into each other? (I play Cody, so crouching light punch into crouching medium punch is the best example I can thik of) Is it a specific timing thing? Am I supposed to just hit the button for the second move really fast? Sometimes I can get it, but I’m not sure how, and most of the time the second move is just blocked.

Thanks! ^.^

Not the right place for this, either

Also, eventhubs contains a lot of basic info. and guides, even on every single character. You will learn most of the basics there, and for the rest, you are on SSF4AE dedicated part of the forum, you will fill rest of your knowlege here :slight_smile:

…shuffling you to Cody boards. They can help you with Cody basics.

it’s not that fast, but not slow either. simply go to training room and you’ll get the hang of it after a short while. not that hard of a link, so you’ll adapt rather quickly.