How to command hop into super?



what is the trick to this??




Charge DownBack. Press DownToward + all kicks. Press DownBack then UpToward + Punch.


(quoted from shinakuma in a thread by apoc)

Well, I saw that Japanese vid a long time ago. Never bothered trying this for the longest although peeps everywhere(including Vegas peeps) claimed that this was hard. Although I just assumed how I would do it and it didn’t seem as though it should be hard?

So, I finally tried it and it’s not hard at all.

Here’s how to do it consistantly:
Charge, kk hop+neutral on the stick, then immediately finish the motion and hit the button on the hop recovery. I suggest that you double tap the activation button just in case.

To me, it’s very similar to doing a st.normal into a flashkick super only much easier.

So simple, I never knew what the big deal was. Now, there is no big deal at all. Spend 10 minutes on it and you should have it 100%. Most will probably get it in 5


Thats bullshiet :bluu:
if you think about that statement it is not logical at all. But everyone has their differences…
I can do St.normal into down up charge moves using my dick and balls but still can’t do hop->super everytime, maybe I should hit the button twice like Apoc said.


The statement is completely logical.

To get a standing normal into a flashkick super you must hit the normal while letting the stick go to neutral and then you complete the motion and hit the button to super. It’s the exact same thing with Blanka. You hop and go neutral and then finish the motion and hit the button to super.

So, if you think about that statement…I mean really think about it; it’s totally logical. In fact, it’s the EXACT same concept. Charge, let go and input normal or, in this case, hop, then continue the motion and hit the button to super. Wow, that’s not just the same concept, that’s the same thing just using a different super.

The only way to mess this up is to finish the motion too fast and hit the button before Blanka actually recovers from the hop. He does have lag on that special hop that you have to wait for…of course. Otherwise, it’s pretty hard to mess up using that method. Not that I would ever use it often. Kind of a random guess thing. Parlor trick.



a VERY tricky parlor trick!!


:lol: @ Parlor trick…gotta love that term…

I dunno it’s just my opinion that a Standing Flash kick is easier because there is less room for error.
So for example

I’m charging down with Guile then I put the stick on neutral, press Fierce, then up+Roundhouse right away.

For Blanka I’m charging back, put the stick on neutral and press 2 punches, then I have to press forward,then back, then forward+punch.

The extra directions, and the longer delay in between the final button press(opposed to the roundhouse press for the flashkick) leaves a larger window for errors in my timing.

Granted for some people this isn’t a big deal, or maybe for them their approach to the two buffers are the exact same. But obviously for me there is a difference. I just can’t look at it as “the exact same thing”. Same concept?I can agree with that…but the timing seems to be completely different and therefore I cannot look at the two ‘techniques’ as being the same.
In reality I haven’t put much time into hopXXsuper but I still feel I should have been able to do it after 5-10min with it in training mode, for it to be considered easy to me.
Quite honestly I figured when I first heard of this last year, that since I can do Chun’s Standing FierceXX Spinning bird kick so easily, that I should have no problem with hopXXsuper, like you were saying. But after trying for like 5-10 min straight I could only get it like 2/5 times…that fustrated me and I never tried it again. After that I could never see them as being the same…but then again since I can’t even do it consistently…maybe I shouldn’t even be commenting on the timing :stuck_out_tongue:


Perhaps you thought I meant just like a standing 2in1 like you described. I meant it was like a standing normal into a flashkick super, heheh. It’s not so much like Chun li st. fierceXXsbk as it is st. fierceXXrising kick super. I think the clear confusion was that you thought I was comparing it to standard standing flashkick type moves when I was talking about flashkick type supers.

Standing flashkick supers are a tad more skill requiring. It’s also very similar to dash uppercut into super with Rog, heheh. That’s precisely the same motions but uses only one button for the dash.

Sorry that I couldn’t be of help here.



Oh god I didnt even notice and I even had flash kick super quoted in my first post…ok time to lay off the bud a little…heh

That being said S.Fierce XX super is still a little easy to me compared to hopXXsuper. With Guile I can do the buffer as fast as I want, Blanka still has that weird delay I couldn’t get used to…fuck it I’m going to practice this til I get it…


press all three punch buttons in succession like you would play keys on a piano.