How to compensate for Viper's slow start up on moves?



She gets stuffed for big damage when I play her.


From the posts you’ve made, it sounds like you are trying to play Viper like a footsie character – something she is not very effective at. I would suggest you post a video that way we can help you out in a more concrete way.


Faints and anti grounds are Vipes jam, watch some Wolfkrone playing Viper and you’ll quickly get an idea of how to position and play her aggressively.


Can I do it directly from USF4’s replay center?


Also I notice Latif does a lot of…footsie-ish…stuff and mind games up close. But he might just be that good.


Viper can play footsies, and it is obviously a part of making her effective, but it is not the dominant facet of her game.

And FWIW, i think your footsies/fundamentals have to be better with Viper since her normals aren’t that great.


Here are two where I win:

This Fuerte was good at running away.

Here are more where I get bodied:

Um…it finished “successfully” but the video isn’t showing in my channel?
These take forever to upload. I will try again later.


I am having issues uploading…


I struggle with the Decapre matchup:


all of your videos are private…

she has a lot of bad matchups.

if you dont like that, pick a different character… preferably evil ryu who does more damage and stun with better normals and a 3 frame DP.


Whoops! They should be public. I like Viper as a character more than E.Ryu. I should have more videos up. I’m actually landing FFF in matches now which is pretty cool.


One more for today. I lost freaking Dan! DAN. His lame tatsu and DP out-prioritized Viper’s entire moveset. I wasn’t trying to foostie. It just beat all my moves. My main is Guile and as a whole he feels much more solid than Viper. When lame tatsu kicks come I can flash kick, cr.Fierce, sonic boom with a very high level of confidence that he will be punished, also with good frame advantage on my part. Sometimes with Viper it just seems like I’m always unsafe, taking more damage, unable to punish airborne opponents reliably, and have crappy normals. I do like her playstyle though. I like technical characters. At a certain level, though, I want to at least beat Dan.


You lost because you used bks like they were sonic booms and ex siesmo like FK. The safest thing you did was c.mkxxMtK and I think you only blocked once on wakeup. Tastu kicks << F tk.

Also, you are doing sj bks not sjc.bks. Sj bks are really not safe at all since it hits the opponent at the top of their hitbox.

Its not that Viper is unsafe, its that you are playing in the least safe way possible. Block more, be more selective on when you do things and be mindful of what the opponent is doing and you’ll win more.


Thanks! More critique welcomed. I am trying to vortex on kd with the bks. I do it well in the top matches above where I win. But I usually get dp’d.


how do actually get close enough to FFF outside of jump in? I can’t find a reliable way otherwise. Like with Guile, if I want to jump in I use light boom keep them in block stun. I have no way to keep them pressured midscreen with Viper.

Also how do you make her j.MK not miss as a cross up. It almost always looks like its hitting but misses.

how to beat dp with vortex?


Last one for the night. I fought a Dudley who I didn’t really have answer defensively for his speed of jabs. Also ALOT of my normals jump completely missed him (cross up j.MK, j.FP, s. MK literally went through him). Couldn’t answer him offensively either has his jumping normals beat my burn kick or jump ins and his DP pwned all my burn kicks and vortex attempts. I really struggle against people who DP on wake up my burn kicks.


Bait them to whiff something then punish.
Learn when to feint.


Burn Kick. It’s her footsie, no really. She burns you with her footsies. Kappa.