How to connect lt and rt on a 360 wired controller pcb to arcade stick?

i built my arcade stick for street fighter 4 without my LT and RT trigger buttons connected but when i want to check the leaderboard i cant because i have no LT and RT buttons.
i decided to add 2 new buttons . i have happ buttons . problem is i dont know where the source and ground for the buttons are on the wired 360 pcb board .
i want to connect directly to the cherry switches .
thanks for the help :woot:

maybe this might help

also if you removed the triggers completely, you will need a 10k ohms resistor in place.

i dont want to remove the LT and RT buttons from the pcb board.
i just need to know the source and negative point for the buttons.
i read somewhere that if i keep the buttons on the board i dont need to do the resister 10k thingy .

I don’t know, as far as I can tell, you need to use the resistors. Let me know if you find anything about not having to use them. Other than that, this thread might help a bit.

if you didnt remove the triggers, you dont need a resistor…u can just use point 1 (common) and point 2 in the picture i link you