How to connect PS2 to VGA


I recently got a monitor but it has no scart connection and I want to connect my PS2 so I can play CVS2 and Third Strike but it only has HDMI, VGA and DVI ports. I haven’t heard of a way to connect to HDMI and DVI but it seems like there’s some cables and TV Tuner boxes that might work with VGA. Has anyone done this? What are peoples best opinions on what to do? Will it even work?


You can get a VGA cable for the PS2. Probably the easiest way to do it.


Will there be lag issues with them? I saw people say online that they only work with Linux booting PS2s.


And games that support progressive video. Certain modchip will allow VGA out globally, but you’ll probably need a converter box for a regular console.


So there’s no real easy solution except for a tuner box that usually run at around $100? A simple cable isn’t going to do the job?


I used to do it with a PCI Pinnacle Video card. Install it, run WINDVD and play through it. No lag issues, as I was doing FFLY combos with sentinel and one-frame combos in VF4:EVO

Don’t ask me model number, but it was definitely an internal Pinnacle card.


I do it two ways, first way would be to get a PS2 VGA cable of some sort and set your PS2 to output in RGB. Next thing to do is get the HDTV Player by Blaze, using that you can force the PS2 to output at various VGA resolutions, even change the frequency that the games play at. Like I set up my copy of SFEX3 to play at 75hz instead of 60hz. So in effect I’m now playing at 25% faster speed. Justd be aware that depending on what resolution you have HDTV Player at, it may crop off a portion of the screen.

2nd way would be to get a VGA upscaler device of some sort. Like HDBox Pro, XRGB2+ etc… So you can plug in your regular PS2 cables into it and it’ll output in VGA.


Thanks guys, I’ll look into those options.


There’s also this:

I got a highbox, it was decently priced. It works with no lag but the picture quality isn’t really as sharp as a HDTV with component.