how to connect?



Can anyone tell me how to connect SA1 of Ryu?
I mean how to make it to become combo.(may be 7-9 hit)
I always break when I connect mk>SA1,
is there any hint about the time of inputting the


Just make sure you’re cancelling the super off of the mk. Which is to say, right after the mk hits, IMMEDIATELY perform the super, so the animation for the mk is cut off. That’s pretty much all there is to it.



Thanks a lot!
And could you suggest some methods to practise? :rolleyes:


I like

(not near corner)
j.fp, s.fp xx mp dp xx sa1, sa1


Two choices!!!

Well there are a couple of ways that you can do this, but either way that you try to do it you are still going to have to hit the punch button after the medium connects.

The way that I use it is buffering which means that you are doing the motion right when the medium kick is in motion and right when you see the kick connect then you can hit the punch button.


The other way which is the way that is described above where you can do the motion all together after you see the medium kick connect and then press the button.

I tend to do the first one more because thats just what I am used to. It just depends on what you like.

Shin Out


I can do it now,thanks a lot!
I have one more question,if my mk cannot hit the enemy, but I have input the instruction of SA1 except the “punch” button.
How can I cancel SA1 and then change it to another move?


Change moves!!!

To cancel the input just dont do the move and then perform another move instead. for instance after you do the motion and do nothing, perform the motion for the move that you want and then strike the button if you wish.