how to connect...



ok ive been playing SF4 since it came out…first SF…i main Blanka and is picking dhalsim…but idk how to get his Basic combo down…his Med kick into yoga flame…any good dhalsims let me know…


Try to do the motion fluidly, and semi-quickly. If your are simply trying to connect standing.back medium kick, into lp yoga flame then remember you have to put in the yoga flame motion before the mk animation is done.


Try counting a cadence in your head…count from the mk button 1…2 (hit your LP on 2). It took me a while to get it but once I watched my cousin do it and i heard the tempo i was able to nail it almost everytime.


You should try looking around the forum some before posting questions. There is another post on this top still on the first page, plus a sticky.


thanks…and sorry new to site