How to constantly beat SCRUBS! with Balrog

On PSN it aggrevates me how a scrub can always win especially when they use Ryu or Ken. I don’t wanna sound like a moaner but it’s to the point of frustration. I just want to destroy scrubs everytime i play them i know it has got to do with input delay and lag, because once i was playing my scrubby friend called Trey who uses Ryu online with a 2 bar connection and he beat me. The next day he came round my house and i annihilated him. Scrubs just jump back and sweep all the time. I need to constantly beat them down. Can anyone give me any tips on that? It has to relate to Balrog since he’s my main.

You posted this EXACT thing in the M. Bison forum and changed to say Bison was your main. What gives? Practice with Trey on dealing with his tactics offline if that works for you…

i found it best to poke and play footies the entire match against eratic beginner ryu and ken that spam special moves since they can shoryuken you when you least expect it. of course they’re gonna whiff a lot as well so punish the whiffed ones. i also avoid combos since its online and they usually mash for shoryuken. what i do is i block the sweeps and counter it right after with cr. roundhouse.

The biggest reason people lose to scrubs is they try to outagression them.

when if htey just blocked and punished they would win.

I don’t know I’ve had a few scrubs who repeatedly cross me up and it can be very hard to get out without taking a chunk of damage.

don’t try to play advance mind games with scrubs. they are predictable. if you lose to predictability you are over analyzing while playing.

crossups are hard only when you try too hard to escape them. Most people get frustrated because they got thrown once then they try to panic mode and they eat combos. Just be patient. If you need to get out of a block string you need to know when the string becomes unsafe for your opponent and you can ex dash punch out of it.

The one and only “online scrub tactic” that still gets me a lot of time is that damn jab srk (blocked) followed by a fierce srk when you’re going for a throw or xx headbutt to punish. Offline you’d get them, online you usually eat the fierce srk (as a reversal) for 200 fucking flaming damage.

exactly u get me, those shryoukens never work offline, but online it works.

I just use cr.hp really well and the scrubs will remember not to jump in. Then mix it up with some dash straights, rush uppers, grabs, and pokes. Mix in some Overhead > > headbutt to keep them guessing on wake up and punish their wake up shoryukens (who are we kidding, most scrubs are using a shoto or sagat). Another good thing that I do is bait shoryukens and sometimes ultras by charging focus attack and dashing back at the last second. This will only work well once, but I usually will do it two or three times and if they get wise to your plan just give them a focus right in the face.

Usually this will work well. Ex Overhead > > headbutt > ultra/super is a very effective combo if you’ve shown a strong game. I usually take matches with this.

This man is right, bait and punish. That’s all there is to it.

hold down back and space yourself well to punish them. if its shoto scrubs yo u’re fighting just bait their DP all day.

jump in jab, jab, WAIT for the srk then punish.

Oh yeah, fake jumps ins on wake up work WONDERS! Sometimes even twice in a row, they’ll do a srk, you’ll block and punish and repeat. The third time usually they’ll just block and you can go for a throw.

Can’t count the g2 finals I won against supposedly good sagat’s that just threw their random fucking ultra as an anti air on a safe jump in. Just make them eat your ultra (full, not juggle after HB) after you’ve blocked it

this is a sad thread… wow a thread about how to beat scrubs… thats like a thread about how to beat up 3 years olds, don’t get greedy wit your combos and play safe. Rog is so easy to play with, you have air superiority, lots of health, and the best poke in the game.

playing scrubs improved my game imo. Kinda forces me to use only safe block strings and be smart about my pressure.

reamber scrub ryu kens and even sagat’s they will throw fire balls all day, just practice up the focus dashes…and the TAP game… then when you feel its time make them eat that close spam fire ball or tiger shot with the ultra =)

Damn I’m starting to meet a new race of scrubs…the runaway pussy shotos.

They just jump back fierce al day long with a few fireballs in between and do that j.tatsu when they’re conrnered. God the suck and it usually takes all 99 seconds to beat their sorry asses

how are you calling them scrubs if they are beating you… and no one gets better from beating scrubs. it stunts your game tremendously. block and punish all day long. blocking is fucking win. do it and you will never even get enough revenge meter to ultra…


So you main 2 character, how strange? huh…well I assume he is making all this stuff up, there 's only a little different between online and offline, so it makes a big difference, he killed you and then you dominate him in ur house, Why would a someone make bad remarks of his friends?

So whats the answer apollobalrog?