How to constantly beat SCRUBS! with Balrog


It’s VERY possible to main more than 1 character. In fact, many people main 2 characters to cover bad matchups one or the other may have.

Offline and Online are VERY different.

yea but he posted the same thing for bison too, but how was the connection when he player?

don’t main rog but ran across this thread

agreed, I love to mess with ken scrubs by either A: block and tech everything with no offense until the last 10-20 seconds then see how much damage i can make them eat till i win by timeout. or B: pick a poke (cr. mk. for me) use nothing but it all round. The scrub’s biggest weakness is an experienced player’s defense, get your d down and you can just screw around with offense and still win.

Calling the people beating you “scrubs” makes you sound stupid, unless you’re prepared to admit that you too are a scrub for succumbing to their scrubby tactics.

yeah yeah, like you never lost in a laggy match to a ken spamming srk.

Come on, everyone might lose to a scrub once in a while

I normaly don’t try the complicated stuff online because of the lag … *scrubs manage to SRK you in the middle of a combo for some mysterious reason.

*They spam SRK while Blocking

So when you miss the combo(for exemple Dash Uppercut into jab - c LK xx Headbutt-Ultra … and you got the LK Badly (thanks lag) . .You gotta eat a shoryuken in the face or a Poke or whatever because they Mash their button while they block.That how a scrubs play.If you poke them … They Mash their Jab also while they block … so if you miss aa combo input … they gonna shoryuken you or poke you.

that why you eat Mysterious SRK vs Scrubs .

Wake up shoryuken or other like stuff like that it’s more newbies stuff than scrubs stuff.

Scrubs don’t win with randomness . .They simply mash their button when they block or cross you up all day long .Because they win doing so … It’s either winning or they’re completly raped.

But if they played like this vs a Daigo-like player in the local arcade they would implode under 4 sec.

Don’t be a scrub?

…Is this thread for real?

How to beat scrub shotos:
[]Bait and punish uppercuts with safe jumps and by standing just out of range for their wakeups.
]Back-dash deep cross-up attempts; FADC if you are not also a scrub :wgrin:
[]cr.FP and st.MP are your anti-air friends. Balrog’s normals trade well!
]Scrub shotos resort to fireballs if you stuff enough jump-ins. TAP and EX dash through them, but watch their meters!
[]Don’t attempt mindgames - they’re called flowchart players for a reason.
]Don’t jump in due to impatience lest you eat a random uppercut.

Just play very defensively. Scrubs don’t poke, they jump in = free damage for you. You’d be surprised how many times they’ll try a jump in even when you annihilate them every time they do.

Jump back-sweep is easily countered with a rush uppercut

I got a question. There are some ppl on my friends list who turtle in the corner with akuma or ryu. If i tried to do any kind of dash punch they grab and just sit there occasionally throwing a fireball from distance. What can I do to get this guy to quit doing this?

Best way to do it. Land a knock down with a trip, headbutt through fireball, or Dash low straight when there use to blocking high, possibly even ex over header if they catch on you blocking high. But anyways once you have them down dash straight or upper over the downed body. stand and jab till there about to get up and as soon as they do block there Shoryuken punish them till ending with a head but. do it again. on the third time they will probably be scared of a wake up shoryuken so vertical jump do a falling fierce is they don’t block free combo if they do land do one OR two jabs walk forward and abuse Rogs Grab range. hands down the best way to best scrubs.

I have, but more often than not it’s due to my own stupidity, rather than lag.

This is all you need to beat Gief scrubs.

Jump back HP. Throw that in with some other stuff and you should win alot.

great info!

well in a normal match if some idiot throws a random srk (be it jab or fierce) i’m 100% sure i can punish it with a xx headbutt if i got charge or i go for a throw if I don’t.

That’s just in my muscle memory now, so even when i know i’m fighting a scrubby lag abuser i just tend to go for that and always eat another fierce srk (if it’s ken’s it even does a shitload of damage) which makes me rage real bad and I sometimes end up losing the match because I get too angry and lose my nerves

this is what i do with scrub ryus

*get within poke range, charge down-back
*if they jump in = use crouching HP = owns them. if they are smart they will never jump in again
*if they try to cross you up = use jump-back HP. i love this move
*if they throw hadouken = headbutt (into ultra if you have one)
*if they try to sweep you and whiff = sweep them back

thats all a scrub ryu really has in his arsenal. a scrub ryu does not know proper spacing. they will probably just go to the corner and spam fireballs. be patient. they will throw out random SRK’s, in which case you make them pay for their scrubbiness.