How to convert an old stick?

I have the street fighter anniversary stick.
It has plugs for PS2 and XBOX. Is there any way to mod it to work for PS3 and/or XBOX 360? I’m wondering this after seeing people use PS2 dual shock PCBs to make a stick for PS3. I’d rather mod this stick, which already has the happ comp stuff inside (after I modded it in the past), then starting from scratch, which I was in the process of already. Thank you.

Go to the Cthulhu thread, pick up one of them either assembled or non-assembled, change the cords out, and mount the PCB. It really is the easiest way to get going. Cthulhu is PS3 only.

u can also get a 12 dollar adapter from radioshack that says playstation to usb . although made for pc it works for ps3 as well just the lack of home button…

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It’s at the top of the site.

Thank you for the comments. I’m waiting on the cthulhu site to allow orders again, but for now, I ordered a 3 in 1 (ps2,xbox,gc) adapter for PC. I hope this works.