How to convert off of Meteor Smash + Drones?

Hey. I have been trying to learn Super Skrull and one of the biggest things I am having a problem figuring out is how to convert off of Meteor Smash + Drones (other than going straight into Inferno or attempting a reset). For instance, I am on p1 side and I do Meteor Smash H while calling drones on the forward input of the DP motion and the hit crosses them up. Usually they bounce off the drones and how high the drones take the opponent is the problem for me. They are usually too high to dash up H or S and they aren’t in hit stun long enough for a charge H so I guess I need to juggle them. The only thing I have gotten to work for me at all is jump M, H, S, land S and that leads into a normal BNB combo finish. But that only works about 1 in 6-7 attempts for me. Usually the stand S whiffs while they flip out of hit stun. Can anyone give me some tips or let me know something I am clearly missing? lol.

You can alway do Orbital grudge into faltal buster and convert into combo or you could do j.M.j.M.j.H and then combo
Nickcam does this all the time, you should look some of his matches :slight_smile:

You can convert off drones into a charged dunk in most situations. Otherwise I think stand H is pretty easy to connect in most spots if the drones hit.

Stone dunk is actually really consistent for confirming off drones. I’m not sure if this has been patched, but you can get a second ground bounce after using meteor smash, as long as you used it before the meteor smash, ie. by starting your combo with it or something.

you are very close to the best confirm continue to use jump m, h,s then use st. m (1 hit) then s for the launch there are other ways but this gives you the most combo options afterwards since neither your wall bounce or ground bounce are used