How to convert PS3/360 Sticks back down to PS2 console

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With the high numbers of people playing SF4 and the PS3/360 generation of video games, it makes it difficult to anyone to play PS2 generation games with the Arcade Stick.

In example I am trying to host a Capcom vs SNK 2 tournament, but the problem is everybody uses PS3 USB plugs. Is there some sort of adapter I can use to convert a PS3/360 signal into a PS2 signal?

So this isn’t a thread about converting PS2 to PS3.
This is a thread about converting PS3 (and 360) down to PS2.

Any help would be appreciated, need tips asap!

The cthulu or a ps360+. Use one of those boards with a rj45 mount. And you can actually retain ps3 and ps2 by swiitching cables. The cthulu won’t work on Xbox unless you dual mod with a imp. But the ps360+ is all setup for a single board use all you have to do is switch the cables.

Otherwise just padhack a play station one control and call it a day.

There is no backwards compatible converters

I believe OP is looking to have a PS3/360 USB solution instead of having to install a new PCB in an individual stick.

Parts list:
1 - @undamned USB Decoder - CLICK
1 - @toodles MC Cthulhu - CLICK
1 - Project box from Radio Shack or wherever
1 - PSX/PS2 controller cord or extension cable
1 - Panel mount USB extension (for mounting on project box)
X - Wires

Installation Steps:
1 - Wire the screw terminals from the Undamned USB Decoder to the MC Cthulhu - Buttons already labeled on UD USB Decoder - Buttons on MC Cthuluhu labeled on documentation CLICK
2 - Wire a PSX/PS2 cable from MC Cthulhu to use on console - Tutorial CLICK
3 - Put both boards in project box. Can add a panel mount USB (optional) or just mount the UD USB Decoder where someone can plug directly into it. Requires modification of plastic/metal project box using drill/dremel etc
4 - Finished!

This allows people to take their existing PS3/360 sticks and plug them into USB. The signals are then put thru UD USB Decoder to the MC Cthulhu and out to PSX/PS2 cable to system.

Oh that’s right I forgot about that. Thanks frank early in the morning has you forget stuff

I don’t know how to design this stuff. Is anybody willing to take commission for this?

I can, but i live in Chile hehehe :frowning:

Please tell us where are you located, there are lots of guys down there in the US :slight_smile:

california :slight_smile:

Just wondering, how does ud-usb handle 3.3v from the PS2 console?

cause it has to power a 5V device too :s

You may want to ask @undamned in his thread:

As far as I remember, the UD-USB has a jumper to set whether or not Vcc is 5V or 3.3V. Or something like that.

That’s only the pull-up voltage for the control signals. The UD-USB Decoder must be supplied with 5V, as is required for USB. Pretty sure the PS1/2 has a ~7V line for running the rumble motors in game pads. Just run that through a 7805 linear regulator to drop it down to 5V. Should still have enough current to run everything.

What about Actual USB ports from the PS2?

Just for the rj45-goodness of the MCCthulhu, you wouldn´t want to cut the ps2 cable : )

Yes, you should be able to use +5V from the PS2’s USB ports.

I have no idea what’s going on but it sounds good LOL

You thought about making a dedicated box around the UD-USB that’s purpose-built for the PS360+ and/or MC Cthulhu? Basically sell a kit with all the cabling, enclosure, and so on and the user supplies the encoder board themselves? Even just a dedicated PS1/2-only UD-USB+Cthulhu dongle would sell in pretty large numbers I think.

Not really. There are so many different options for an encoder that it makes it hard to pin down an optimal case size to provide (will inevitably be too big for some and too small for others). Cool idea, though :smiley:

Does anybody know how to do this and can make me some of these? I really need it in order to run tournaments. Thank you. If you can do it I will pay.

Check out the "[Need a modder/builder in your area post](Need a Modder/Builder in Your Area? Check This Post

You can also contact @Vicko who’s in Vegas not far from you and I’m sure he’d do it.