How to convince friends to play SF?

Hey guys,

I’ll keep this brief and to the point.

One of my mates loves Tekken is pretty good at it, but is not a fan of Street Fighter; don’t really know why but I think it’s the following:

  • Whole combat mechanic e.g. 2D vs 3D
  • The fact that he’s a complete noob and is therefore put off it; he’s only played a bit Street Fighter x Tekken.

I play both Tekken and SF and was hoping I could get him into SF, like my other mates are.

Any suggestions on how to do it? What would you think are the skills that crossover from Tekken and SF besides learning timing of input?

With SF V round the corner, is now a good time for him to finally get into SF?
As I hear mixed thoughts on how “easy” combos are and defending/footsies are more important now.

I’ve not played the beta, missed out on the code (I know, sucks!).

Side Note:
Any ideas on how/when to get into beta no 3?


As someone who has tried for years to get people I know into SF or just fighters in general, honestly if they don’t like it then they just don’t like it. Most people tend to like games that feel more rewarding at a lower level. And Tekken is one of those games. Some people also have got to want to like street fighter to be able to enjoy it. SFV might be an easier game for your friend to get into since there are aspects of it that feel easier like getting damage and stun being easier than in sf4.

As for getting into the beta. I’m pretty sure you can still access it by preordering on psn\steam depending on your platform.

Hmm, looks like you’ve been around the block in trying to get people into SF. I’ll try once more with SF V since it looks so sick! and “easier”.

You’re right about the feeling more rewarding with Tekken, in my opinion it’s less complicated/intricate than the SF series.

Really? All I have to do is pre-order through PSN? Hmm, I thought it was too late since they gave out codes etc… a while ago now and that I’d have to wait.

Is there anyway this can be confirmed?? If so, I’ll pre-order it through PSN right now! lol.

I believe the beta client is automatically added to your downloads when you preorder on psn.
it should still be available. Don’t see why it wouldn’t be.

Tie them to a chair and beat them with a stick until they submit.

Hmm, I’m not sure but I’ve just pre-ordered from and spoke with them; they confirmed they’ve got codes and will send out; only thing is I’m in the UK so am hoping it should still work, a code is a code regardless of your location right?

lol, as practical as that sounds… I don’t think he’ll break… perhaps I should intentionally play crap in SF V and let him beat me, so he can get into it.

I’ve got a session planned on Monday and if I’ve got working beta codes by then, that’s a good place to start I guess.

I don’t think he’s even seen that daigo moment at Evo!

That I don’t know. I’m US.

To be honest, do they even play Tekken, like have they ever bothered to learn the game?

Knew a few friends who started only playing 3D fighters when they kept getting their asses beat on 2D ones, finally picked up Tekken just to play along and what do you know, as soon as I got my basic pokes and juggles down it turns out they weren’t shit at Tekken either and just liked it because you can just run up at other people who don’t know the game and press buttons to make shit happen.

Never seen them play it since then.

I mean seriously check this, if your friends don’t learn games they’re never going to like Street Fighter.

This is pretty much what I was trying to say. Most people wanna play a game where it doesn’t take much to do something at a low level. In Tekken people can mash strings and get combos. Tekken in itself actually isn’t that simple above low level play. Heck I would say it even has a harder learning curve than street fighter. But at the lowest levels it’s fun for casual players because they can get some sort of result and feel like they know what they’re doing. Street Fighter isn’t really like that. But getting decent at either is gonna take some work and if they don’t wanna put in that work then fighters really aren’t for them.

US codes only work in the US PSN store, so you’ll need to make a US PSN account.

Yeah, I’m assuming if I just make a new account directly on the PS4 and set my location to US that’ll work?

As I’m still waiting for the code, if I set it to US and then pre-order from the PSN store and then cancel once I’ve got the code/client, would that work?

Yeah I agree, getting decent at either will take work, which I’m willing and already doing, my mate is doing similar but with Tekken; e.g. juggles, combos, spacing etc…

You got a point, you gotta put the time in to learn it and go from there, helps if you like the game from the start though; I’ll try that approach.