How to cope with people rushing Twelve down?

Since everyone plays against my Twelve so often at my arcade, most people have stopped sitting around waiting to counter Twelve when he attacks, and now pursue active defense. Usually trying to box Twelve into the corner. Then they try to damage him. Also, aside from IAD ticks and crossups, almost everything bar an air AXE is being parried. I try to start confusion to remain unpredictable, but if my Twelve backs off for a second they try and grab initiative and box him in the corner.

The players in my arcade are starting to get to the point where poke string into Neutral Jump FP or Standing FP doesn’t work anymore and I’ve started changing over to Standing RK. Since they are stopping themselves from instinctively jumping in on Twelve at the end of the poke string.

If anyone has seen SBO2 vid with Chun vs Twelve, thats what things are like for me.
Little Help?

hoow ! this is tough … jump parry

and parry jump ins …

throw safely …

EX-needle that shit …

i got the same problem. When i get boxed in, its basicly just far enough so a rh dive can’t go over their head, so i just keep mixing up different heights of air dashing, towards the wall and doing rh, until the opportunity seems fit to hold the stick in the direction of the wall, and continue to just fly out, or try to be tricky and do a sk dive under a jump attack they try. If they get too close, hit them with’s and’s and UOH’s, trying to get the throw in the put the game back in your favor. Flying is the most expected thing sometimes, so try to keep yourself for doing it.

am i going mad!!! aren’t these just lame ass excuses for why 12 sucks so bad??? goddamn it ppl! dont let shitty shoto tactics/command grabs/random bullshit outsmart you or cause you to deny the fact that a single win with 12 at whatever cost is worth making the scrubs that beat 12 eat every last one of his throws/random EX dives/IA AXE…ABUSE THE BEJESUS outa that throw ppl!!! “12 is a poking character” if that were true 12 should NEVER win a match EVER…so stop making bullshit excuses and fucking embarress the shoto race!!!

Learn to parry so u can parry throw!

Keep away with c MK & s MP.

It’s hard to cope Twelve with rush down offensive style play. Wait for openings, parry & throw. Stay on top of them. Use IAD’s for wake-ups no matter how far away & throw/poke away. Use them anti-airs.

here’s the bottom line mr. G…either your an experienced veteran to 3s or you’re not…in which case that you are you should not be posting such a thread…in which that you are not, avoid using 12 unless you think ur air dash game has top tier potential…many players have not such potential, and since i’ve never played against you and know not your style of play mr. product im gunna assume ur not so good and say…give 12 a break, try some other low tier character like sean perhaps who has some decent attack/combo potential.

besides TB & Chikyuu I am a Twelve god, so be conservative to yo superior beeeytach!