How to cope with the frustration street fighter brings


So I am still somewhat new to the game and I have noticed lately that SSF4 is the most frustrating game I have ever played. I have played pretty much every genre of video games and the frustration brought on by street fighter trumps the frustration brought on by all the other games combined. So how do you guys deal with your frustration, or what strategies do you use to refrain from getting frustrated?

For me I have resulted to hair pulling, excessive swearing, throwing of arcade stick(Only once), and the occasional verbal threat to the player I just lost to.


First… read this:
Rule #5 particularly.

Then…turn off your game system until you have chilled.


How about first you read the content of the post, then secondly attempt to comprehend what it means. If you do this correctly you will see that I am not crying/whining/bitching nor am I complaining about tick throws, too many shoto players, or XBL ken. The substance of my thread is not to whine in public and its a valid post.


Taking it over here. This has little to nothing to do with IV and a lot with just coping with getting angry at video games in general.


see a therapist


Looks like your anger goes beyond just sf, dude. Being mature and not getting upset over a game is just part of life. If you’re getting angry, turn it off.

#7 The Feeling Good Handbook (9780452281325): David D. Burns: Books

That book answers all of your questions :slight_smile:


play another game.

like marvel