How to counter annoying Zero's?



What are good match ups and strategies against Zero’s that just jump do that quick fast air dash come down attack and repeat? Zero is such an annoying character!


quick fast air dash?



smack the shit out of him


Well, I don’t know the move LOL, it’s when he like goes into the air and moves really fast…


Blocking is always a good strategy. Seriously.


You can only block so much against Zero


False, you never want to be blocking in Marvel, shits dangerously risky


Problem is characters that attack you with a box dash pattern like that can and will randomly cross you up, so blocking is unreliable. Not to mention that if you just block it, you’re going to have to deal with the same thing again literally a couple seconds later, if you can’t punish it or prevent it somehow they will just keep doing it until it hits.

Anyways, dealing with this shit is character specific. Someone with an air horizontal projectile like Hawkeye can jump up and tag him with it, someone with a good anti air like Vergil st.H can stuff it with that, etc. So you’ll have to say who you’re using if you want specific advice. A universal way to deal with it though is to just not be there. Dash under Zero as he’s moving towards you, super jump away from it, etc. If you can’t stuff it then at the very least don’t just sit there and take it. As scrubby as this might sound, blocking should be your last resort against this kind of tactic imo, as it leaves the momentum in their favor and gives them no incentive not to just keep repeating the pattern until you get hit.

Also bear in mind that a lot of chars can blow up a low altitude airdash with random supers. Normally I would suggest air throwing as well but this is Zero we’re talking about so that one is out.


I wouldn’t say Zero is immune to air throws, people really need to up their throw game to be honest, so many people let a lot of derpy tactics slide free just because they don’t air throw. Stuff like Spencers zip is easily thrown, covered by an assist? Maybe a bit hard to deal with, but most spencers aren’t going to perfectly line up that kind of stuff, most of the time you can just throw them free while the assist flies past your throw animation. Zeros lighting? Free air throw. The answer to a lot of seemingly unbeatable moves/setups/blockstrings is throws, or even well timed supers depending on the gap in the string ( I think Taskmasters Shield skills>Arrow cancels isn’t a true blockstring and can be 1 frame reversaled out of )


Oh okay thanks for the tip, I’ll try it out. I use Vergil, Wesker, Hawkeye sometimes X-23 btw.


The problem is that when Zero players are coming at you they are just mashing H for the pizza cutter anyways, so at best they will OS throw break you and at worst you will mistime your throw attempt and either get hit or get thrown yourself. Same reason I don’t bother to trying to air throw Nova.

And yes, you can easily interrupt shield skillz -> arrows if they are charging the aim master to get 3 arrows.


Can’t Zero charged Buster you in the face if you try to air throw lightning?


you don’t.


pick vergil or dorm


Most of the time Zero is gonna be trying to cross you with the lighting then buster you in the back. The reason this works is because of the delay between zero doing the dash, and the lightning coming out from behind him. You have the time to jump and scoop out of the dash before the lightning comes out, air grabs are 1 frame so even though all the Zero hasta do is release a button they will get snatched cause buster has startup. They would havta know your going for the grab and release the buster way earlier before they dash over you in which case it wouldnt cross up.


Zeros only bad match ups Ive been told are firebrand, hawkeye and sometimes strange. Play those.

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Firebrand gives me too much trouble maybe I’m not utilising my assists properly. Ammy just outright pisses me off cos I can’t convert to death on her on account of not being able to solo Lightning Loop and needing assists to OTG midscreen.


What assist do you use against firebrand?

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Vergil’s 10 foot sword works wonders against Zero. Bait him and then bust a standing H, Standing S on his ass. rinse and repeat.


Well in my old team I had Dark Hole and Hidden Missiles and HM DEFINITELY gives FB a lot of trouble, in my new team it’s Jam Session and Vajra.
Whoever said Vajra >> Firebrand clearly hasn’t played a really good FB, he can manoeuvre out of the way- virtually by will.
Jam Session however may work much better at controlling FB but more often than not Ammy’s Cold Star rears its ugly head and shuts down Jam Session.

I dunno- the real problem I have with FB is his pokes seem to beat anything and his footdive is too fucking good, he gets crazy OS throws off his swoops too. This is why HM is good cos where Vajra would whiff while I’m being kidnapped- HM stops FB from doing any kind of follow up.