How to counter Blanka's U2 (Shout of earth)

I’ve been finding ways to counter Blanka’s U2 in training. But i haven’t find any solution but only to block. Anyone found a way to actually avoid it completely without getting chip dmged?

u can hit blanka before the second ground pound, other than that its just about blocking, maybe U1 but idk

Man, that takes me back, I remember doing a bunch of research into this, and then Blanka players just stopped using it anyway (that, and there just aren’t that many Blanka players around here).

Firstly, you can just U1 right back, as soon as the Ultra freeze stops, and I think that works full screen. Around max hk Hasan Shu range you want to hk Hasan Shu right after the freeze, this will beat out both versions. Beyond hk Hasan Shu range you can empty jump forward, and then sweep if he does the ground version, or do a punish combo if he does the anti-air version. Closer than hk Hasan Shu range (and be careful about this, if you do hasan shu too close, the anti-air version will beat it out) you can neutral empty jump, then sweep, or, again, do a punish combo if he does the Anti-air version.

Tried and they all work. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Lexy posted a vid a while ago about this but I can’t remember where, you should look for it, as I remember it was to do with timing the Ultra as his hands are above his head. It allowed you to punish it without having to block any of it… However I can’t remember the details but I’m sure you can find her post somewhere around here, it had a nice vid tutorial as well…

EDIT: I just went to her channel and grabbed it… here:

Nice video. Thanks!

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