How to counter command throws?

Hey all,

I have trouble with Abels online. When i get knocked down, the abel crosses me up with j. mk, then jab, into command throw. I don’t know how to counter this.

Any suggestions?

back dash or jump straight up, you’ll then be able to punish the whiffed tornado throw

Would i backdash before the jab or after the jab?


But that’s the point of the tick throw. You can throw after 0-3 light attacks to keep your opponent guessing and if he always does 1 jab then he’s a dummy but if he always does 1 jab and you always jump after the jab then he can falling sky you.

Once you start escaping the tick throws a good player will realize you are afraid of them and start punishing you for your escaping tick throws (e.g., c.lp, wheel kick to catch the backdash or the jump).

After the jab, since blocking the crossup would leave you in a long enough hitstun to also block the jab.

EDIT: Kelter Skelter is pretty much on point with his response. Once Abel gets in, it’s up to you to make a intelligent decision on how to get out, since that’s where he’s at his best.

Thanks guys! This helps a lot.