How to counter grabs?


Yeah I’m a noob a super street fighter but it’s just so frustrating when I get beat by simple grabs. I know the way is to also press grab, but is there some kind of trick on how a lot of these people can grab me like it’s nothing? Is it just reading how they play? especially I have problems with flow chart ryu/ken players that grab all day, since either they switch it up, is it all just reading or is there something I’m missing?


You’re not missing anything. It’s just practice and knowing when people will throw. You have to just keep practicing and learn how to read your opponent. There’s a lot of obvious ways to know when your opponent is going to throw. I’ll just list some simple ones.

Example 1: Your opponent jumps in with an attack. You block it of course and when he lands he does two LP’s lets say. He does it in a 1, 2 pattern. The throw will probably come out at the third beat. Usually people will throw after the 2nd LP just because they needed 2 LP’s to hit confirm into a combo so if they see that your blocking, a throw will come. Of course this can change if they just change up their game but this is where you need to practice and learn how to predict.

Example 2: When your opponent knocks you down. Getting knocked down sucks as you’ll have to predict whats going to happen. Usually when you do get knocked down your opponent might walk/dash to your body. As your getting up, they’ll probably whiff a LP or something or just casually walk up and crouch and when you get up they’ll throw you. Its just a mind game because you might be thinking to block if he whiffed an attack while you got up. Its all mind games and practice teching throws and knowing when your opponent is going to throw or hit you.

Just keep practicing and read your opponent. If he gets too obvious, punish him for it. If you know he always walks up and throws you after knocking you down, hit him out of it. Keep practicing your tech throws!!! Just read and predict. Good luck and keep practicing!!


Learn to tech while standing. While crouch teching is viable and entirely acceptable in most situations doing this against a good player will get you frame trapped leading to a potentially big counter hit combo. Whats happening is you are probably crouch teching too early and getting thrown out of the startup of your crouching short. Yes read your opponent and his/her tendencies.




Thank you for the replies guys =] Really appreciate it, one more thing what exactly is teching, I may know it by seeing it, but as for an explanation for noobs like me. Sorry this is the first ever fighting game i’ve ever got into.

edit: found this in the glossary…
Throw tech: Throws cannot be blocked, so a throw tech is how you stop the opponent’s grab. In most games it is done by inputting the throw command within a certain number of frames of the opponent throwing you.

what does it mean inputting the throw command within a certain number of frames of the opponent throwing you. I get the inputting part but the what does it mean certain number of frames?


Player 1 attempts throw
Player 2 has xx amount of frames(=seconds) to input LK+LP. If you do it too late you get thrown. If you do it too early you either wiff(or hit them with) a LK(or LP) or you throw them if they mess up. The former most likely will happen.

Just think of frames as seconds. No need to get technical. If you wiff the LK(or LP) it will be untechable.


Just FYI.
60 frames = 1 second


I have trouble teching throws too. I heard that you should press crouch tech after each normal an opponent lands on you. Would you recommend this strategy?


Just mash ex messiah kick :rock:


Of course, there is no way that you could get counter hit by doing this and eat a larger combo:looney:.


I know, that’s why I put the “No need to get techincal”.