How to counter projectile spamming?


I just played a really rough match as Sagat versus Seth where Seth would continually toss out sonic booms against me and I really felt powerless, what are some tips and techniques I can use to counter projectiles?


You are playing SAGAT and you want to know how to beat fireballs? Sagat is all about fireballs, if you aren’t chucking them out at least half the time, you’re playing wrong. Seth should not be able to zone you out AT ALL. I think this is more of a you not being good thing, especially judging by your topic title.
There is no such thing as fireball spam. It is called strategy. If he is doing something easy and you aren’t able to deal with it, why are you making it your opponent’s fault? He did everything right, you’re the one that couldn’t handle it.

In conclusion, fierce fireballs. Good lad.


first, its not called spaming, its zoning, which is a valid strategy to play, one of the fun things about fighting games is the dichotomy between those characters who want to be close to you, and those who want to keep you at bay/ away from them.

the problem here is that you are not approaching this matchup in the correct way, sagat has better tools to outplay seth in the zoning departament, you have good normals, with good range, a good array of projectiles that you should take advantage of, and your dp
the problem is that your oponent probably noticed our lack of knowledge abut how you should play sagat, and took advantage of it, outsmarting you in the process, it should be seth the one to be trying to get close to you (for the major part of the time, at least)

for better answers you should try the sagat section


oh, i thought this question was about UMVC3. in SSFIV, there’s not much you can do against seth’s full screen sonic booms. if he has his ultra or super, he’ll use it when you do anything but block; if you keep blocking, he’ll either keep throwing them to chip you out or he’ll do that dive kick thing.
i guess you could just get some good damage on seth before he gets any meter.


??? focus dash through.


no, you’re gonna get hit by his full screen ultra/super. besides, i think his sonic booms are more than one hit.


Seth has one hit sonic booms. For EX he still has to throw two of them. And its Sagat dude throw round house fireballs. Goes under most fireballs at full speed. Seth will eat that shit.


Just remember that there actually are ranges where throwing a fireball as Sagat is not a good idea. For example, against Guile from up close to a little less than a 1/3 screen away you have to think a bit because Guile has the option of either backhanding the startup of your fireball, or throwing his own then backhanding you as you recover (both work out in Guile’s favor). So don’t be mindless about it. Proper fireball zoning is a pretty hard thing to learn actually. Seth has a walljump which can negate a lot of things, and if he reads you you’re gonna be put into some pretty annoying mixups.

So throw fireballs, but not without purpose. Remember the two main goals of fireballs, to keep your opponent away, or to bait them into jumping into something like a DP or roundhouse.


what about when he throws a sonic boom and then starts doing that wall cling dive kick thing? - didn’t mean for that to rhyme.


Learn how to zone properly against Seth. You’re a Sagat player, you have a good projectile of your own. You have to learn the ranges and timing where Seth is able to punish both your high and low tiger shots on react. You counter projectiles with your own projectiles, and apply proper spacing to avoid putting yourself at risk to Seth’s counters.


You clearly have not played SF in a long time, so stop giving out idiotic advice.

And the same to you. That is just a flat out lie.


so that’s how it’s done in ireland.

someone already corrected me, without sounding like an @$$ i might add: it’s the EX sonic boom that has two projectiles. idiotic advice would be telling someone to throw fireballs when seth has a super or ultra lol.

done and done.


You want me to be specific? Your entire other post was hilarious bad, but this is the key point. If he is throwing sonic booms, you can focus through them, jump, throw fireballs, as Sagat you can reaction ultra. You are incredibly misinformed, which is where my post comes from.

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i just wanna say that, despite the above comment, irish people aren’t retarded. even though i’m from california, i mean “herp derp cali-diddily-dee,” my jolly ancestors are from ireland.
seth has a lot of annoying tools to compensate for his low health, and sagat is a powerhouse. wink wink hint hint



here’s a seth vs sagat match. they get into a spam war at the end. guess who wins!


First, using Poongko as proof of what humans are supposed to do is a flawed concept.

Second you actually kind of prove his point - Mix was getting decimated that round. The “spam” zoning that he was doing actually brought him back into the match, but by the time he went to that strategy he was on a sliver of health. Of course the machine is going to find a way through that eventually.

Interesting match, but not proof of concept.


^ wow, that’s suspicious.
i don’t know what this proof of concept thing is, but that’s the only video of seth vs sagat i could find. watch it.


Dear Husteen/Dundle,

Please knock it off. Thanks.


This is a very bad match to base yourself off. This Sagat is super aggressive, while what he’s supposed to look for is to keep Seth out. You should stop giving advices to people, since you don’t seem too good at this yourself. I’m not trying to bash you, but I’m genuinely asking you not to give advice to anybody anymore. That is, until you get competent enough on theory fighting.

Anyway, hilarious thread.


no one reply to me on/or about this thread. i’ve been bashed on enough today. i don’t know street fighter, don’t know what i’m talking about, etc.
you all should be happy now, so let’s just leave it at that.