How to counter Vegan and Gen dive moves

What do you all find as the most effective way to either reversal this, or block it. These are driving me nuts.

I personally just block, particualrly against Gen’s. Not really sure what you can do against his wall dives other than a well timed Flame Kick if he uses the version that heads right in front of you. Sometimes I’ll toss out back or forward dash to mess with their distance. With Vega, I’ll sometimes also stick out a Focus to potentially absorb his claw dive and punish him accordingly, or just a simple jump forward-backward HK / HP.

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just block high against gen. if it hits anywhere above your waist gen is at like -6 at best. full combo punnish

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Thanks for the help guys.

If you see a Gen sitting down brace yourself. As soon as he takes off into the air do a N-Jump RH or jump-back fierce/RH and you should be fine. Claw is a bit more difficult since he can control it and its faster. Jump forward Fierce helps a lot, but you could wait untill he’s above you and do a standing Fierce. It will knock him out of it most of the time.