How to counter wake up cross up meaty?


Goodevening eveyrone,
First I would ike to thank everyone of you in advance.

I’m losing a lot of matches because i’m not sure how to deal with cross up set ups after i’ve been knocked down. I’m still struggling to do an Auto correct DP. I generally don’t have time to parry . how do you manage to deal with them? the only way I found so far is blocking and it is not ideal, beacuse it’s still leaves me wide open for mixups.

The other question : against Nash : How do you deal with the flowchart Nash who keeps using the SB + MS frame trap ? the only one I found so far was the parry , but it’s really hard since he can delay the MS.

Thank you in advance.


Block and wait your turn. That’s really the best and most consistent option. Especially if you have trouble doing auto-correct DPs. Plus, if the jump is a safe jump, you won’t be able to DP it anyways, and you’ll just get crush countered if you tried.

As for Nash. Nash’s moonsault needs to be anti-aired before it is active. It has a ton of startup and any standard normal anti-air should be able to knock him out of it if you are ready to do so.


Block for now, but set up the situation in training room. With the extra 3 frames of input lag you have to do the dp quicker than you did in SF4. Same goes for parry. Do it 3 frames earlier than you think u need to.