How to create CC's?

I asked this in the Yun thread pertaining to Yun of course, but realized it’s actually a very broad question:

How do you create CC’s?

I’m new to CvS2, so bare with me :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t mean the blatantly obvious “just go into training mode,” but what in particular to look for/keep in mind.

Also, thank you Gunter for your website. It’s helped me out a lot as far as beginning to use A-Groove.

I’ve already been told to get in your hits near the beginning before damage scaling kicks in, and that attacks to reduced damage if the opponent is airborne… but is there anything specifically outlining how to create CC’s?

The basic formula for CCs is as you said… damaging attacks at the beginning, then after the 9th hit do quick attacks since they all do a pixel each. However, that’s only part of the problem. The bigger part is knowing WHEN you can use your CCs. Almost everyone has either a ground CC or an anti-air CC (my site needs updating, but since my CvS2 guide was stolen from my house, I’m too lazy to look up the damages for each hit). However, you’ll rarely have an opponent cooperate with you and just stand right next to you or jump in on you when you have meter. So you have to look for situations where you can activate and start your combo, eventually leading INTO either the ground or anti-air CC. Blocking a Blanka Ball and activating is a good example. The opponent has done a move and is in recovery. For many characters, that’s a free CC. ABSOLUTELY FREE. You just look for a move that will 1) reach Blanka after you block it and 2) will put him in a knockdown state if you hit him out of the air and you can follow up with another move. Bison is probably the best example. He can block the Ball, activate, and immediately slide (c.roundhouse). The slide puts Blanka in a knockdown state, allowing Bison to continue the combo with s.strong to launch, then a bunch of jumping hits and get to the corner to paint Blanka’s fence. Once Bison blocks the Ball, there is absolutely nothing Blanka can do to prevent losing half his life.

Linking into CCs is also good (there’s a whole thread on it in this forum). Basically, between the two hits in any link, you can insert an activation. So once you see the first one hit, you can activate and then do the second. Characters that can do c.jab x2 into some sort of normal can usually go into a ground CC from there (take Geese for example). The damage is lower than if you would have started the CC and THEN started hitting, but with practice it’s guaranteed damage. A-Groove is all about versatility of meter (at least, in my opinion). To “create a CC” as you say, you have to know when you can START a CC.

There are a few things to think about when creating cc’s.

More than 7000 damage = good cc

More setups = better/more versatile A groove character

3)Following basic cc rules:
Damaging attacks first, quick attacks after 9th hit.

Ask yourself if the character is worth using based on the above 3, plus some other stuff.
-How badly does your character take damage?
-Does your character have a good ground game to hold them off until they get meter?

The first 3 are the basic stuff to think about. Number 4 is just added stuff to think about.

I believe there is an entire section in JChen’s System FAQ devoted to this topic.

Recommended read for any CvS2 player anyways really…

I just found out about reseting CC’s. This most of you know, but for those that don’t (I didn’t :p), reseting is allowing a BRIEF pause in the combo, allowing the Combo Counter to return to 0 momentarily. This weakens the effects of Damage Scaling. This is only recommended for characters with good, quick, overheads, to prevent the opponent from blocking low after you reset. Hibiki and Bison are prime examples. Mad props to LastBlade :smiley: (the SRK member). If your characters have good reset potential, use it to get the fullest damage hit, per hit of your combo. A blocked overhead from Bison or Hibiki does close to the same amount of damage (if I’m not mistaken, which I may be) as a strike in CC once the Combo Counter gets high enough.

P.S. If my reasoning is flawed in anyway, feel free to address it (without flames of course. :stuck_out_tongue: ).

its really the best, every one should read it

Yo, I don’t think Bison has an overhead tho.

i’m SO new to CvS2, it’s not even funny. wtf are CC’s?

Custom Combo’s. It is when you play A-groove and actiate your meter full meter->hk+hp

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How do you include custom combos in regular combos?
What I mean is, if you have a B&B combo, how do you activate in the middle of it (before the special move finisher)?
Specifically, I’m trying to get it with Ken, since I heard his is easy:
Ken: lp, lk, [activate], mk

Specifically, I don’t know when to activate. Do I activate at the same time that I would need to push mk if I wasn’t going to go into the CC?

its because a-groove activation doesnt take up any frame, you are able to activate between certain links, like with Ken lk,mk is linkable, so you can activate between those, you just need to get the timing down, i guess doubletapping helps (i dont do it, so i cant really tell)

You just activate in between the lk and mk as the opponent is recovering.

I’ll give you a small list of things to practice.

Close st. jab, activate, cr. forward.

st. jab, activate, cr. forward, st. RH

cr. jab x2, activate, cr. forward

cr. short x2, activate, cr. forward

Just look at those and notice that as you activate, your opponent is still recovering from the previous attack. It happens because of blockstun and fast recovery, which is all frame data. Kind of complicated if you’re new to this whole thing.
But in a nutshell, its all blockstun and how fast you recover.

wrong, use crouching strong instead.

when linking into eagle’s CC, do crouching jab x2, CC, crouching MP, continue CC (crouching mp because it comes out in 4 frames, and crouching mk comes out in 5). only let mp hit once and then do standing fierce x2, hcf mp, etc etc etc

cr. forward works. Its not wrong.

You sure it’s not a standing mk, instead of crouching?
I don’t even play eagle, just throwing out the combo I would instinctively go for.

I tested it 3 times after i made my previous post. It works.

Thanks for the advice guys! I’ll try these out…I guess what I’m reading between the lines is just practice.
So when you do cancels in CC’s, like Ken’s dp+p cancel 1st hit to lk, dp+p cancel first hit to roll, etc. do you look for the hit then cancel? Or do you just memorize the timing?

For dp into roll, you spaz. Or you can just do dp with roll, but double tap roll. At any rate, you’ll be practicing that for a good little while. AA sucks, I always go for the ground combos.

yea, it’s not wrong, but 1 frame when it comes to CC links means a lot. eagle’s link with crouching forward isn’t too bad, but with crouching strong makes it a whole lot easier.

Shin Ace- you’re thinking of eagle’s B&B, where he does crouching jab x2, standing mk, hcf + mk.