How to create pools for majors with players playing multiple games?


Hi everyone!

My scene has all the resources to do a big major, but the only thing I don’t feel comfortable with is creating seeded pools / brackets with tons of players playing multiple games and no schedule overlap.

I could do it by hand but that’s clearly not the optimal way to do it. Juggleguy, the main TO for the smash major Big House, told me he used Excel / sheets, but he never went into detail and explained how.

Can anyone explain how to do this / point me in the right direction?



The simplest way is to look at things top down and simply fix the schedule so that the games with the least amount of overlap are the ones at risk of running at the same time (if you do have to run at the same time). Since I assume you know the player mix of the Guam community, that should be simple enough for you.

Excel is simply there to confirm whether or not your assessment is correct. But once you know which games have more overlap, you simplify your job by a large magnitude since you can schedule games with large overlap away from each other, and any remaining overlap is now easier to fix since there’s less of them.

As for seeding, it all depends on which game’s seeding has priority. For example, if you run a CPT event (like I do), then you’ll have no choice but to schedule and arrange the pools largely based on how Capcom wants the seeding done (this is basically based on points and never on location). You’re going to have to decide which takes precedence and adjust to that.