How to crimp .110 Quick Connects w/ plastic sleeve?

Sorry if this was covered somewhere, I searched.

Does anyone know how to properly use the Quick Connects with the insulated sleeves like Chad sells on

I’ve crimped these types of connectors before, but never with this sleeve. When I bought them, I thought the sleeve slid off and you crimped and then slid it back in place. But they don’t seem to come off.

Do I just slide a stripped wire up in there and crimp directly on the red part?

I’d experiment, but I foolishly bought exactly the amount I needed. That and I want to make sure I’m doing it right.



Yep that’s how it’s done.
Great photoset on the ex2 btw.

Thanks NiteWalker!

Here’s what I did. I’ll update this thread with pictures once I grab them off my camera:

  1. Strip a 18-22 gauge wire (not sure, but was close to one of those, no writing on it) 1/4" (or less) back

  2. Put the wire up through into the connector, there’s a little “nub” that sticks out and stops the wire from going further up into the connector.

  3. Used my crimpers around the middle (smaller section of the red plastic) of the connector in the 18-22 gauge wire notch and squeezed.

It’s a very strong hold and worked perfectly.

Hopefully if anyone else is as bone-headed as I, they’ll find this useful.