How to dash punch? - Balrog General Q&A thread

Lol enigma I was just in my subscriptions and I see your vid and I was like nah he couldn’t have made that just for me, so I ran over to the thread to check if you answered me yet. Much love man.
And what do you mean down half circle forward? Sorry lol haven’t heard that before.

Also could you give me a couple of his blockstrings
I’m trying to step my game up in SF and less in Marvel.

You want true block strings or frame traps?

I usually do cr.lp x2,, lp.ds for block strings to get chip, but it’s matchup and spacing dependent as some people can punish it on block if you space wrong I believe.

And cr.lp, is a frame trap, I don’t know what the frame gap is between the moves though.

Didn’t necessarily make it for you, although i made the cliips a long time ago, like Early Super, and i just put them together and uploaded it.

This is what I mean by hcf:

Now I want to cry. It was just conviniently timed? And yeah I went through all of your punishing videos and some of those random mp4s. Beautiful think you’re doing for the balrog players.

Yeah blockstrings. I wasn’t sure whether cr.jab cr.jab cr.short lp.ds was 100% safe. I got some frame traps.

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As for the character-specific things, I suggest you go here: "Gettin' that Bike $!" AE Balrog Match-up Thread
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How do any Rog players approach any Shoto characters after a sweep knockdown that have meter? Usually if I try to do anything “meaty” its met with a shoryu to my face. Any tips?

immediate jump puts you point blank and safe if you don’t press a button. What i usually do is, walk forward slightly and do a late jump to land behind them. It’s not safe, but they can’t do reversal shoryu since it’ll go the direction i jumped from they have to wait and tag me out of the air with a normal, trip guard me, or do a delayed shoryu. You can also dash up twice and jab once or so to give a semblance of pressure and maybe bait out of a shoryu.

Bait and block once, then hold up forward/up, and get a full jump-in punish so you can play with their wakeup if they’re the type of opponent you can train.

I’m curious what fingers people use to charge TAP. Most people seem to use the pads of the hand on the KKK buttons. I can do that but it feels awkward. I’ve heard of people using their thumb on lk, middle finger 2nd knuckle on mk, and ring finger 2nd knuckle on hk, which frees the index and pinky fingers. Does anyone know how Keno does it?

Wow I had no idea people did that lol Sounds scrubby, but i’ve just been using the 4th button that’s mapped to KKK.

On a side note, who else is hype about our boy PR Rog in EVO top 8?? USA rep, and Boxer rep, I’m loving it.

The way I keep TAP charged is by using whatever way I’m most comfortable on the spot while leaving my middle finger free. It’s the best-positioned finger to press all three punch buttons with little to no difficulty.

I am hype for PR going to EVO too. But I’ve been growing somewhat tired of some of his gimmicks that seem to work constantly (random TAPs, how does he manage to do them unpunished? And I often disagree with the risks he takes. He’s probably the best Rog in the world right now though, I don’t know about Pamyu… He seems more solid IMO.

Hey guys, been playing street fighter with my friend… he plays Cammy and literally all he does is mash his grab button (he plays pad)… how do I blow this up… I can never tick grab him… and I went to training mode and EVERY frame trap I looked up… close stHK, delayed cr L, gooteks shimmy… everything gets hit out by cammy’s cr. L or plain out thrown

what do I do if I KNOW my opponent is mashing on crouch tech when hes in block stun?

Cammy is quite a hard matchup for Balrog. But if he blows you up with grabs, you’re doing it wrong.

First off, frametraps (tech traps) blow up tech-mashing easily. If you get stuffed, your timing is completely off. It takes practice… Go on training mode, choose Cammy as your character and Rog as the CPU. Record your frame trap and spam tech. If you get counterhit, it means that the timing is good and that you should do it that way. If you actually grab Rog out of it, it means that you need to practice your setup further. I’m pretty sure that you’re walking forward too much though.

Frametraps are the way to go to blow up crouch techs. I don’t know what to say other than learn them properly. I often found myself doing it too late at first (when I didn’t understand them properly), try mixing up the timing also.

Since he’s focusing 100% on grab teching, you honestly should counterhit him every time. Practice more! I would’ve suggested to play online with me (I have a mic), but the lag factor makes it impossible to practice properly. I mean, I get blown up by grabs online so yeah.

hmm, I honestly dunno how I can get the close st hk any faster… I’ve even just tried 1 cr.lp into the st hk so I didnt have to walk forward… but I still get thrown/hit out… feels like I cant get it any faster… do you guys plink your frame traps? also… which frame trap has the most lenient timing, as we play online

I have that habit to PLink everything, that could definitely help you. I’ve tested it out on Training mode and it is indeed easy to randomly grab Rog out of cl.HK. But that’s if he’s teching while standing and that your cr.LP is 100% point blank (cl.HK actually has more range that it seems.) But then again, Crouch tech O.S. doesn’t allow you to grab, only to tech or hit cr.LK. Meaning that you should use cr.LP > walk back > cr.MP/cr.HK, as it’ll blow up his throw tech attempt. And cr.LP frametraps get pretty obvious if you abuse them. Switch it up, use meaty cr.MK > cr.HK / st.HK and the likes.

Anyway, getting constantly thrown means that you’re not keeping the optimal distance between your opponent and you.

If you mix up your rhythm, he won’t be able to grab/tech everything!

You can also, jab, then walk back xx lp.ds to catch stand-techs as well. Read the article for a better understanding of how both crouch-techs and frame traps work.

I have a question why doesn’t counter hit overhead doesn’t link into
Also can someone explain why ultra 1, tap,and ex or reg over works, is it a frametrap because it work to often for me and i would love to know why ?

Woah, slow down buddy. Try making coherent sentences please.

I’ll look into the CH OverHead, I’ll get back to you. But I recall it happening to me a few timea, the pushback is greater, you can follow up with cr.HK without a problem.

And I don’t understand the string you’re talking to me, please rephrase it.