How to dash punch? - Balrog General Q&A thread

I thought I was the only one who did an extra back-forward for dash ultra. But yes, I find it helps me get it out every time.

yessir, I feel the extra wiggle is almost required for backdash ultra. Also doing half circle forward for the final back forward, versus just back forward, makes it a bit easier to execute without messing up. Similar to Bison’s, Ultra 1/2. You can ride the gate the whole way. So: down+back, fwd, fwd, (bwd, fwd), bwd, half circle forward 3P/3K

Can someone give me some boxer safejump setups off of throws and sweep if any?
Edit: I see some on throws on this thread, but are there any on sweeps?

Guess I’ll try the half circle thing on the dash ultra’s. it’s frustrating me since I can do Focus dash ultra like 90% of the time but really struggle with timing for normal dash.

Off the top of my head without checking you can do
Backthrow, dash, at I think 4 frame safe jump?
fwdthrow, dash, cr.lp, at 5 frame safe jump.
(those 2 are just the ones I use I’m not sure on the fwd throw one)

as for sweep, is it even possible to get a consistant safejump due to distance? I usually just go for a walk up meaty or shimmy/tick throw.

Just started playing in January and I’ve got a couple of questions about frame-traps with Balrog. Still learning the fundamentals of the game, I got a few questions about good frame trap setups. The two most common ones I think I’m seeing are

  1. Cr. LP 1 or 2 --> st.RH, cr.LK, Headbutt/Punch
  • I’m not really sure how to implement this one. What kind of frame gap is in between the LP and HK? When I go for this setup I feel like spacing is frequently an issue because I’ll get Far St. HK unless I walk up which leaves time for me to get hit and also drops my charge.
  1. Cr.LP 1 or 2 --> step back Cr. MP, Headbutt/Punch
  • This one seems much more applicable to me with my limited experience with Balrog and this game. After, a series of blocked cr. LPs, tick throwing is pretty big with boxer and I this option seems to work really well in those situations. There may be others as well.

Any tips on how how to utilize these or any other frame traps better? Im a literal sponge right now looking to level up with this character.

Read the matchup thread, also you should check out each of the articles for my sf4 game mechanics series. It should answer alot of the questions you have, and it should also give you more questions to ask:

Look at the section labeled Game Mechanics, there are videos/articles etc.

On the topic of frame traps:

I also found that if you do backdash ultra, it works almost 100% if you hold down+back, then focus attack + fwd, bwd, fwd, 3K/3P. It comes out almost 100% and you do the final bwd, fwd, relatively slow (you can also wiggle, but the timing is pretty easy to get used to i think).

hello, i’m collecting kara throw data for all of AE 2012’s characters, i don’t know how much of the information here is outdated, so i wanted to ask: what’s balrog’s best kara throw?
all of the data will be compiled into a list including normal throw ranges, added ranges and kara throw ranges.

I know of no kara throws with Balrog, i remember there being a discussion about it maybe a year to a year and a half ago, but i don’t remember any mention of kara throws having any noticeable increase in range past normal. Armor cancel U2 is about it and I can’t get it consistently enough to give you an idea of the increase in range (which is still moot).

Anyone else who knows anything different speak up (por favor).

it doesn’t have to be noticeable.

Hey, I browse the site every once in a while and I think i may have stumbled onto something. I’m not sure if it’s already a thing that people use or how to even apply it myself as it’s very hard for me to get it to work.

When I do J.HK~CS.Hk~C.MP
at the end of that without pressing another button if I finish the motion into a straight sweep, from the downback when i linked the C.MP, he will do it without me hitting an additional punch button.

Why is that? And has anyone found any cool tricks for it?

Like…negative edge? Like if you do the motion and release he does dash straight, dash sweep or OH?

Oh, thanks a lot! So that’s what that was. Yeah, I’ve never heard of that before. Are there any real cool tricks to using this for balrog?

Yes. O/S super can become really easy with negative edging. For example, (hold) buffer super directions, release Negative edging is said to be the preferred way to armor cancel, i’m not very good at it, but that’s an impression I get. Other characters get better use out of negative edging I think (I remember Ryu having some nice negative edging option selects with his fireball or something another).

For an example check out 2:50 of my sf4 game mechanics: option selects 2 video on utub, you definitely don’t have to negative edge it but it simplifies the execution.

Ok, thanks a lot. I had no idea what was happening when it first started happening to me. I’ll check out your vids too. Thanks!

What are the safe jumps after ultra.

are the combos of balrog possible on keyboard?im having trouble doing lp>lk>headtbutt>u1

They are possible, check out the Balrog video thread and look at any video by RopeDrink. Everything he does is on a keyboar, and pretty impressive, too. I can’t tell you how because I can’t do half the shit he does, and I play on a stick. But combos are definitely doable on keyboard, including headbutt to ultra.

the think is on keyboard u can hold left and right on the same time it is the reason why u can do ex upper loop with one c.lp.

@ tim tim: u dont do safe jumps with boxer when you hit ultra 1. in 4 years i never dit that boxer safe jumps only doing back throw or forward throw they are the best situations for safe jumps.

It’s still good to know it -____-
People are dumb and will ocasionnaly mash dp on wakeup.
If I safe jump I get a full punish like what do you mean “u dont do safe jumps with boxer when you hit ultra 1” that’s whack.