How to deal with Abel U2?

Once Abel hets that shitty broken ass ultra, all i can do i turtle cause it beats me when i jump in, when i lariat, when i any normal…so what the hell can i do? I think its bullshit. First of all, Gief got all nerfs but Abel gets a brand new cancellable, super armored, unblockable, travels 3/4 screen ultra?


I’m glad youre’ an Abel player and agree with me, cause most Abel players will just start whining that its good since they used to get owned by Zangief b4 lol, anyways it would be fine if they remove the super-armor by next patch. :wink:

Cant do shit except use an extremely risky EX green hand. Just don’t put yourself in situations where he can use it.

get hit by it and procced to fuck the remain health he have or just dont get hit

how about just jump over abel or jump back
the ultra doesn’t go full screen so you should be safe

but if he pulls it off at point blank
then yeah your screwed

i fucking hate abel and that ultra is ridiculous but u might be able to spd him out of it. i haven’t tested it out yet but a couple days ago i was playing an abel as honda and i oichio’ed him out of it so i assume u could spd him.

btw, rufus’ u2 is ridiculous, abels u2 is ridiculous, chuns u2 is great, hondas u2 makes him better, guiles is really good, etc. and we get one that’s fucking useless imo let alone the other bullshit gief nerfs. thx capcom.

jump over him, jump back, wait tell he uses it then jump, ex green hand, or you could learn giefs option selects and proceed to rape abel. Its closer then it was in vanilla, but it is still in giefs favor.

The Blizzard does have its uses but ultimate atomic buster is overall way better as gief’s ultra

Pretty much this. Problem with gief is he can’t jump that far, so even if you jump back it could still hit (I catch giefs with it all the time). Its almost like there’s a dead zone with gief where he can’t jump over abel and can’t jump far enough back to avoid ultra (I haven’t tested this though, just the perception I get with the giefs I’ve fought).

Yeah, Gief’s got a dead zone. It’s from about 3/8ths of the screen to about 5/8ths of the screen from Abel.

can ex flying powerbomb stop abel’s U2?
probably not but just wanted to know(remember stopping Bison’s ultra in SF4 with ex flying powerbomb)

I think Abel’s ultra is throw immune at some point when he launches. I’m not sure how immune it is vs him releasing immediately or when he holds it. The bear grab might work, but I’m unsure.

I’ve experimented a lot with this in training mode/online, and here is a basic flow chart for what to do depending on your distance from Abel during the ultra flash:

Point blank - 1/8 screen: Jump over Abel. If he doesn’t move or cancels, try punishing with a combo. YOU CANNOT THROW ABEL OUT OF ULTRA 2. No ultra, no EX SPD, nothing. If he launches himself away, oh well.

1/8 -1/2 screen: This is the “Oh sh1t” zone. I’ve found that most Abel players will hold the Ultra and wait for you to jump away. Doing an EX Green Hand can break right through the ultra if they aren’t expecting it. However, if they release right away, you will be caught. Its 50/50, but i recommend it :frowning:
There are a couple of tricks you can try if you are out of meter (shame on you).

  1. Naked jump->crossup. Lots of Abel players wait for you to hit them before they release the ultra, if you never hit them, sometimes you can hop over the top quickly.
  2. Knees-> A lot of players (even Gief users) don’t know how fast this can occur. The bolshevik knee drop puts you on the ground sooner than you normally would, so you can sometimes sneak in the light kick to the chagrin of the Abel.
  3. The greatest option is to STAY OUT OF THE ‘OH SH1T’ ZONE! Since Abel has high mobility, you probably want to stay very close to him and keep the pressure on. A lot of Gief’s normals are better than Abel’s, so option select him to death with xx EX Green Hand, xx EX GH, s.lp xx EXGH, etc., etc.

1/2 - 3/4 screen: This takes nerves of steel. Keep your eyes on Abel and just keep walking backwards. You should have just enough time to jump away if you concentrate. DO NOT JUMP BEFORE HE RELEASES ULTRA 2!!! Just concentrate and react.

3/4 screen +: Bust out a taunt, win the round, and then send him a message about his weak Ultra crutch. :stuck_out_tongue:

OMG… If ur in the so call dead zone simply BACK DASH guys… There still a chance that u will get caught but it is extremely hard for abel to catch u. I’ve been doing this lately and have only been caught once while back dashing. It totally fucks up abel timing when ur backdashing and also, if the abel player knows ur going to back dash then he’s gonna hold it for a sec and try to time it. This is when u mix it up a bit and just do the EX hand to fuck with his head. But what ever u do…**DO NOT FUCKING JUMP…EVER **if ur in the so call dead zone.

^ Tru dat. Didn’t know that. REALLY good to know.

Anyone test what happens if you bear grab, or ex bear grab?

You’ll get hit since it’s completely throw immune.

I know this has been covered in this thread but I’m going to reiterate to preserve my train of thought.

Essentially when Abel fires U2 you have 2 range dependent choices.

  1. Avoid by jumping
  2. EX green hand (not always available)

It’s a lucky guess as to whether Abel is going to delay it or not. By the time you realise he hasn’t you’ll have been hit already unless you decided to jump. If he does delay then an EX green hand can hit him twice and beat it out.

It’s a mixup or guessing game and Abel is going to try and put you in the most difficult situation possible. Why wouldn’t he?

I know there is a fairly big knee jerk reaction to Abel’s U2 being broken (particularily by gief players) which is is not. It’s entirely conceivable that U2 was designed to be the equaliser in the gief matchup. It’s a bit irksome sometimes that balancing the Gief/Abel matchup was down to an ultra that gief has the hardest time avoiding out of all the cast but it’s done now so you can cry or you can try and learn the matchup which now includes dealing with breathless.

Blizzard beats pretty much every aerial based move in the game and it’s fucking useless?

Vega and Gen’s options are severly limited when Blizzard is lit and it’s fucking useless?

People who could normally wall-dive out of the corner for free now risk eating a big chunk of damage and are exposed to gief’s corner pressure as a result and it’s fucking useless?

Against smart players it’s a big deterrent to DP style reversals in a cross-up situation and it’s fucking useless?

p.s. props to meansaltine

Here is a vid of me using my favorite method of dealing with abel u2.

…Play against Abel players who don’t use it?