How to deal with anti airing in street fighter 5


im reading the street fighter 5 guide and they say with deep jump ins and cross ups they i should i use special moves with invincbility and moves that are evasive ?
and use appropriate normals when dealing with high jump ins.

so im asking how should i deal with different jump in attacks in terms of anti airing.


That depends on the move your opponent jumps in with, and the spacing of your opponent, and your own character. There’s no catch-all answer here, I’m afraid.

This is one of the things you just need to go into training mode and test for yourself. Try different moves at different spacings and timings, then practice the shit out of those options to become comfortable with them.


You gotta tell us your character, or better yet go to your character forums and ask there. As an example, here’s chuns anti airs depending on situation: (close or far or high)
Ex spinning bird kick (most ranges, but requires charge and meter)
Back hard kick (close and high) (mid range, deep) (far, when people neutral jump over your fireball)
Jhk (close, high)

If you are a chun player your set now :slight_smile: but you probably aren’t which is why you need to tell which character you use.


i use cammy.


back+mp (close or crossing up) (jump ins that are sure to land in front of you)
lk cannon spike (close or crossing up)
mk or hk cannon strike (jumps that are at mid screen)


thank u