How to deal with back dash and neutral jumps?

I have problems against players who neutral jump or back dash after f+mk. Understandably, most players will probably try to do one of them to get out of the mixup but I personally have trouble dealing with it. I guess I can option select after f+mk dash with, and then continue with a block string if they block but I think they can just jump out of that.

I also have some problems against defensive Boxers that like jabbing. I know jabbing beats out a lot of Abel’s stuff so I try to catch it with f+mk and sometimes that works. I played against a Boxer who liked to jab 2-3 times then back dash to avoid mashed TT’s. I really feel limited against Boxers and it’s one of my worse match ups with Abel even though it’s 5-5. Maybe I’m approaching it with the wrong mindset and thinking too much about what my opponent can do to beat my stuff rather than what I can do to beat his stuff…?

Against shotos/Sagat you can do an option select : block ~ late step kick into full combo. It blocks reversal uppercuts and allows you to combo if they back dash. As for jumping, you’ll mainly need normals to stop it or you can falling sky that + back dashes (not Chun-Li’s).

Further back dashes like Chun you gotta dash in and TT/late fierce rekka/jump at them. In general, it is really hard to keep momentum against someone who knows their options vs Abel.

Some things I’ve noticed is that some people get scared to do certain things once it gets countered surprisingly quick. So if you dash in and TT Chun’s back dash, you could probably land something like meaty TT lol. After seeing the damage of those two landing, I think they would start to get jumpy again.

s.rh, ~ sweep option select, dash in TT, block f+mk, falling sky, ~ ultra option select. Standing rh is so sexy for stopping jumps and puts you in range for f+mk. I dizzed someone from f+mk, s.rh cause he kept jumping. ~ sweep hits backdashes and well as dash in TT and ~ ultra.

s.hp stops jumps/backdashes too, no?

Would option selecting c.lp + ~ sweep work in case they grab?

its that even a legit OS? ive never tried it, im still kinda weak when it comes to OS though…

yes iirc it works, as for s.hp, s.rh does the job better imo.