How To Deal With Bunny Rabbits


I play with this guy and he’s cool and everything but he literally goes across the screen back and forth like a bunny rabbit. It’s gets frustrating to deal with. Even as Cammy a jump in is much faster than anything she has. Playing as Juri in this clip and don’t really play her but she was picked mostly out of boredom.

Not saying it’s cheap. Saying it’s fucking annoying.


You need to learn your AA normals and when to use em, not an easy task but a required one for many characters. For Juri I’d say c.MP c.HP far standing MP, angled jump MP, neutral jump HK (done early) and c.MK are all good options. c.MK doesn’t really AA them but it puts her hitbox super low and makes almost any jumping attack whiff on her completely.

Also throwing out the occasional HK or MK Fuhajin will make them a little more wary about jumping, especially if you manage to land one and follow it up with a combo.


I honestly couldn’t tell who you were in that video because you’re both jump happy.

Make yourself a goal to not jump on 10 matches at all and while juri has many aa normals, i’d say is your go to option.


This. SF2/4 101 – jumping to advance is supposed to be dangerous as shit. It’s such a big no-no that when I face someone jumping around like that online, I am kind of shell shocked and get hit, because it’s like…who the hell does that!!! :wink: Almost every character has some sort of AA option (and yes, some crappier than others…let’s not get into that).

Outside of neutral jumping fireballs, YES! You or your friend should do 10 matches without jumping. Learn to advance and retreat without hitting up. That doesn’t just include dashing, but also moves that move your character forward/backwards. Then make it 20. Then 100. Don’t start doing moderate jump related stuff like cross ups/wake up shenanigans until you are confident you can move around without jumping forward. Then when you go back to jumping around just to advance, because trust me EVERYONE falls back into that bad habit again at this stage, go back to 10, 20, 100. You or your friend should also notice a huge improvement in your footsie game by that point.

A lot of the cool strategic shit in SF’s gameplay won’t really reveal itself to you if your game is stuck in the random hopping stage.

Good luck!

P.S…well…100 is a lot. But fuck it! DO IT!


It could be worse, it could be one of those backjumping Ryu/Ken/Akumas


get the life lead, play lame, anti air
thats how i punish nonsense jumpers


I know this is pretty much the opposite of the (admittedly very good, sound, and essential-to-learn) advice everyone else in this topic has already dispensed, but Juri’s divekicks can also be used as a fairly decent anti-air against poorly-spaced jumps. If you’re confident in your positioning, you can EX divekick into Ultra 2. I promise you that if he eats that just once, he will seriously reconsider jumping in on you.

That, in a sense, does conform to pretty much the same basic advice everyone else in this thread already provided for dealing with chronic jumpers: demonstrate that you can make them hurt for it. If your opponent is able to constantly get away with unsafe shit, then–at least for that particular game–it isn’t (necessarily) a bad tactic. Your opponent, provided he or she has even the loosest grasp on the game, will do what wins–and will keep doing what wins for as long as it continues to win. For that, there’s no real shortcut. No one in this game has power over gravity or the ability to make the opponent’s controller unresponsive. It’s on you to figure out what your character does have that can beat whatever it is they’re doing in order to “train” them to stop doing it, thereby making them play your game. This is especially crucial for Juri who, as a zoning character, lives and dies by her moveset which is specifically designed to severely limit her opponents’ options and angles of approach.

I’m fairly certain her AA normals have already been mentioned, but from what I know of Juri, she has a fairly diverse array of AAs, most of which are quite situational; you’ll want to hit the lab and find out what works against what and at what ranges. You should be able to make pretty good use of the following: cr.MP, far st.MP, cr.HP, and st.HP (can juggle with EX pinwheel if you hit

Like Sosage and Eternal mentioned, you need to be storing more fireballs. High fireballs, especially, are great for shutting down poorly-spaced jump-ins when they hit, and, even when they miss, that fireball is still hanging out up there for a good second and controlling that airspace that a jump-in would have to pass through. THIS IS JURI’S STRENGTH–discouraging opponents from attacking on their own terms by controlling space, exerting pressure (even if it is only the illusion of pressure), and shutting down important attack vectors in order to force her opponent to fight in disadvantageous situations (or, at the very least, on even terms). Keeping the air on lockdown–both by throwing fireballs and the threat of a fireball–is vital to keeping your opponent’s jumping under control since Juri doesn’t have a damaging, one-size-fits-all AA like a 3-frame shoryu.

Anyway, those are the buttons to use and the general gameplan you should be pursuing. I’m sure other people on this forum probably have a better grasp on the character and may be able to offer more specific advice. All I know about Juri, I learned from my buddy who mains her. Hope this helps!

PS- I saw this video the other day and immediately thought of it when I saw this topic. Even though Yossan (the Juri player) doesn’t win this series, he pretty much puts on a clinic for patient, zoning-conscious Juri play. Look how much jumping he doesn’t (and, for that matter look how much jumping his opponent doesn’t, either)! This may be an instance of the zoning playstyle taken to the extreme, but just look at that wall of pain he projects in front of himself anytime he wants to keep his opponent out. Who would be crazy enough to try and jump in on this?:



Like I said, Juri’s not my main, but this guy is like peter cotton tail. Jump in. I block. Jump in again. I block. Try to get distance. AA with cannon spike. Backdash. More jump ins. Etc. I have to keep jumping back to get distance. Our Rose (me) vs Sakura match was even crazier since I stayed on the ground as much as possible and defended but it was jump jump jump jump jump. I won even though I’ve played Rose a handful of times. No character seems to have a stuff this shit 100% of the time option. It gets tiring after a while is all.


Jumping like a rabbit is often associated with lag tactics online since the delay makes it naturally alot harder to react to with AA normals or specials. Alot of people playing online stick with one simple tactic and until you make it clear his “tactic” won’t work, you will keep running into these guys.

In the beginning with my dudley before I got past 5k bp and a decent amount of pp I would win most matches crouching, lol, simply letting my opponent “outplay” himself by showing a definite answer to the jackrabbit bullcrap going on, same thing with srk, headbutt etc. spamming people. In my experience any opponent below 2k pp is most often not playing seriously or simply not caring about the win itself but moreso about having a fun time “trolling” his opponents :smiley:


Juri has great tools for this:

Jump back buffer dive kick- if you see him jump press the kick button - really great anti air normal, doesn’t do a lot of damage but its range and priority is very good
forward jump mp- can combo into U2 or even easier, ex pin wheel for big damage
neutral jump hk- controls space in the neutral game


You’re not anti airing him. It also doesn’t help that you keep switching characters because different characters have different buttons for solutions. For Rose, its crouching heavy punch. You have to time it early but it’ll knock most things out of the air.


Why are people advocating Divekick of all things as an antiair?
Doing it on reaction is nonsense (especially for someone who can’t even react with a c.MP)
If you preemptively jumpback (this is really dumb to do, since you corner yourself for free if he doesn’t jump) it still loses to about every jumping normal

Also he specified that he doesn’t actually main Juri and was just like uh, picking some random character
So I’m not sure how much those lists of possible Juri antiairs helps

There, that’s your issue – You’re not supposed to block jumpins.
Learn your characters antiairs (what works for most characters would be c.HP, and a load of characters have a Shoryutype move). Use them.


haha i thought i was the only one who called them bunny rabbits :slight_smile:


I’d think it would be easy to deal with rabbits considering their small paws can’t even handle a stick.


Jumping forward is considered a high-risk, high-reward move. Neutral jumping is considered a safe move to either avoid a fireball or to utilize a strong neutral jump attack. Jumping back is considered very safe, but gives up positioning.

That being sad, “bunny rabbits” are usually extremely active and difficult to pin down with their random gameplay. However, all you need to do is earn how to properly anti-air, realize how powerful corner positioning is, and how to play an extremely defensive and safe playstyle to counteract their idiocy. Eventually they’ll back themselves into a corner, where they will eventually jump forward. Anti-air their attack, they’re back in the corner, they’ll jump again, anti air, etc etc. If they have half a brain cell functioning, they’ll probably realize that jumping forward is now a dumb move, so they’ll start to spam attacks. React with either a dominating ground game, or if they start throwing fireballs, stand at a range where you’re able to jump on reaction to a fireball and land a damaging combo.

Keep them in the corner, rinse and repeat, congratz you’ve won.

  1. If you anti air them they will stop jumping. you could have won that sakura match just standing in one spot and using crouching HP and soul throw
  2. Work on your execution. I play Rose enough to notice how many times you missed that ultra before it finally came out
  3. Go into training mode and practice doing soul throws. Its noticeable because even after the ultra hit you still didn’t go for it and there was no jump in threat that time
  4. Stop jumping backward just because they are jumping forward.
  5. Use the other buttons, the majority of your attacks are hard punch and hard kick. Overuse of hard punch and kick is a dead giveaway that someone is a beginner.

If you stand your ground and use your anti air moves the jumping will stop very quickly, your opponent keeps jumping because you haven’t given them a reason not to.


Anti-air them constantly… with a shotgun.


You need to learn your different situational AA attacks. Some characters have better AA than others, but you should never get hit by such blatant jump-ins. That guy is in for a surprise once he plays someone who knows what they’re doing, his entire strategy will go out the window.


Should have been using Cammy but Gootecks makes Rose look so fun… Yeah. Very much a beginner but do better on AA with my main.


!!! :0