How to deal with characters with a strong reversal

Hey guys.

I have real problems dealing with characters with a strong reversal (Ryu/Ken etc.)

I use Vega. My problem is that after I score a knockdown I feel like I just can’t go in on my opponent without randomly eating a wake up DP that goes through whatever button I am pressing. It makes me feel like whenever I get a knockdown I can’t really capitalize on the opportunity.

What the are general concepts to deal with this? I note from watching tournament matches that people always seem able to press buttons next to people on wake up without just getting DP’d every time but it never seems to work for me. I can walk up and just block when the opponent gets up so if they DP I block it and crush counter them, but what are some consistent ways to actually apply pressure and make my opponents not want to just DP all the time?

Many thanks in advance for any help.

Depends on which Street Fighter game you’re talking about.

Try option selecting a throw and crouch block. It’ll beat a wakeup throw, a wakeup dp, wakeup jab, and wakeup block. Though it loses out to wakeup jump and wakeup low kicks.


I am playing Street Fighter 5. Are there any specifics to Vega in this situation?

Wakeup DP is easy to punish with high-damaging combos, and in SFV you even get access to more damaging (Crush Counter) combos in this situation.

Your default behavior should be to apply pressure on your opponent’s wakeup, but if they show that they don’t understand the risk/reward of wakeup DP by relying on it repeatedly, change your behavior to blocking by default, and punish them.

The solution is to understand player psychology, not any kind of technique.

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delayed standing tech on meaty is a good option to test whether or not the opponent has a tendency to wake-up DP. If the opponent is DPing in the middle of your frame trap pressure, consider adding a very slight delay in between your attack to block any DP attempt before you throw out your next attack. Of course, you’ll guess wrong occasionally, but one successful baited DP can be punished with a single crush counter combo to compensate for 3 or 4 wrong guesses on your end

alternatively, you can just stay in the neutral game. Vega has good far-reaching normals to apply pressure and confirm into. It’s rare for any opponent to DP outside of throw range

Thanks so much for all the advice. So perhaps:
Wait a moment and throw a low jab or something to try and fish for counter hits on normals
Dash up at the last moment to try and bait a DP and option select throw
Backdash at the last moment to try and get whiffs and counter with Vega’s f.HP or something like that?

Working on meaty attacks is super important for punishing them pressing buttons that aren’t a DP on wakeup.

I would be careful backdashing as I don’t believe any back dash is invincible so if the attack they use has good range or moves them forward enough you could end up eating something for free. Walking back or just spacing yourself favourably is better I’d say. (Just out of grab/light attack range).

Bait them and punish HARD.

As soon as someone gets blasted once for a wake up reversal, they tend to be really timid about doing it again. You have to be willing to bait one out. If that means walking into 1 or 2 wakeups so be it.