How to deal with Cross Ups?


Hey Everyone, I play boxer on SSF4 and I get crossed up to death all the time, usually with shotos particularly Ryu.

How do I counter being crossed up? I usually block or try jumping out of it but it doesn’t usually work.

Any tips or suggestions?


depends on the character. if you have a fast enough dash, go for that, if not, in order to block it, hold the opposite direction than where u were origianly blocked. be ready for a counter grapple.


Blocking is your best option. Jumping out isn’t a good idea. Try using your specials. Headbutt will make the crossup whiff, but they can sweep you after if they know about it. Turnaround Punch might get you out, also. Most of the Rog’s I play, though, just block.


crossups are a spacing issue. usually, there’s like 3 things I can think of right off that might work.

before it starts:

  1. walk to the other side before or as they jump. I don’t really recommend using a dash in any game unless it can be cancelled immediately. inexperienced players won’t have a reflex to deal with this, so you can just sweep the fuck outta them or throw them or whatever. experienced players are more familiar with this and will block or counter your attempts to hurt them
  2. walk backwards. if you’re walking backwards BEFORE they decide to crossup, that throws their distance off and said crossup will now be a normal jumpin.
  3. jump and immediately attack. while they’re fixated on trying to pull off a cross up, you’ll stop the attempt before it even comes out.

as i said before all of those are for when you’re able to predict it and you’re standing up. if you’ve just been knocked down, then just get accustomed to blocking the other side. even if you’re a horrible player, most people won’t be able to figure out that you’re just blocking the other side. the ones that do will do things like straight jump and attack, or attack you without jumping over, or even just throw you. gotta be careful for shit like that.

also, unless I’m mistaken, some characters have moves that protect them from the air from either side (ex. Akuma’s ashura warp, Chun Li’s ex spinning bird kick, Gouken’s counter).

the absolute best defense against a crossup though is to make it impossible to happen in the first place. for instance you can’t get crossed up if they’re on the other side of the screen, swept, thrown, being attacked, they judge your wakeup incorrectly, etc.


Jumping will get you hit if it’s a meaty cross up.

Just block it.


Jab that shit, Balrog’s got the fastest jab in the game!


ryus jab is as fast as balrogs


I wouldn’t constantly mash jab because if your opponent notices that is all your doing on wakeup he could punish you with an Ultra. I would block the crossup and do the block string option select.


Slap 'em with c.:hp:.


Head butt will let you escape for free. That’s why I don’t use too many cross-ups against Boxer.


Best option for all characters with poor reversals. Doing anything other than that is asking to be punished. You can try and backdash on wakeup but you’ll get hit during your backdash and sort of get reset in the air giving your opponent the opportunity for the same type of pressure you would have had to deal with after a blocked crossup anyway, only this time you took damage.

This has got to be one of the worst advice to give to a newbie boxer. What kills most new boxers are fullscreen dashpunches and random/wakeup headbutts. Headbutts are one of the most unsafe specials in the game so avoid using them without thought. If you really don’t want to block (some characters have dumb up close game like abel or ibuki)then do a wakeup ex rush upper because that usually gets you away really fast and absorbs 1 hit of armour.

Don’t do that cause if they cross up, they’re already out of range for this to hit. Just block.


How is using headbutt to escape a cross-up random or thoughtless? Don’t be retarded. If you see a cross-up, you can headbutt and you’ll land safely out of range. The only times it’s unsafe is if the opponent has an option-select against it (I’m not sure if anyone does, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it exists), or if it’s going to leave you in the corner, or if it’s an ambiguous setup.


This is bad advice because a player that actually knows what they are doing will time their cross up so that it will stuff your ill advised headbutt becuase it’s so slow and then punish you with a big combo. Just block.


Jab usually works for me, or ex upper. The ex upper has the fastest recovery special and also allows balrog to move around much faster than walking. You could dash back, but its too risky sometimes. Jab is usually the safest option.


Maybe I’m missing something here, but how can they stuff the headbutt with a cross-up? If you wakeup before they cross your mid-point, the headbutt will whiff Boxer will land too far away to punish under most situations. Any other setup is either ambiguous (in which case it’s unsafe), or it’s an early cross-up which you can spot a mile away. Then of course you just defend as you would against most other safe jumps - (FA) backdash or block.

If you guys are saying there’s an easy way to stuff headbutt with a xup then you should let the Ryu forums know because pretty much every says “don’t cross Boxer on wakeup because he can escape with headbutt”.


Ok let me give you an example. forward throw with chun, dash forward take 1 step and cross up with a short. THIS WILL STUFF any reversal headbutt attempt the move will never come out. it’s not just Boxer I can do this with honda and blanka. with honda it’ll stuff reversal headbutt and cause his butt slam to go the wrong way. with blanka it stuffs wakeup electricity and causes reversal up ball to go the wrong way. if hes crossing you up while you are upright. boxer should jump back fierce or block. If he timed the crossup poorly then do auto correct headbutt. But telling someone that headbutt is his best option is just false plain and simple.


Firstly, you’re not going to wake up from an untechable knockdown before your opponent is able to cross you up unless that person is bad at setting things up.

Secondly, how the hell are ambigous crossups unsafe? If anything, they’re incredibly safe since they’re aimed at your midpoint and as you so aptly pointed out, if you wakeup before they pass your midpoint, the headbutt will whiff and you’re clear from your enemy. Another note is that a lot of characters have pursuit type moves/ultras which can actually catch the recovery of said headbutt (chun li U1 comes to mind, along with abel U1 and a lot of the horizontal ex charge moves and super moves), making it incredibly unsafe for you.


That sounds like an ambiguous or safe-jump setup. In any case, the TC mentioned shotos and Ryu in particular. I don’t know if they can stuff headbutt with xup.

But like I said you can spot this a mile away, and then you just block. And not all xups will arise from untechable knockdowns.

You misunderstood me. I said doing headbutt against ambiguous setups are unsafe.

Anyway, I was answering his question based on my experiences with the Ryu/Boxer matchup, which probably wasn’t the best thing to do (even though the TC specifically mentioned Ryu…). The is no universally best option for any character vs cross-ups, simply because not all cross-ups are the same, or occur under the same conditions.


Have you tried backdashing? If he tries his kick too late, you’ll flop in the air, but at least you won’t get comboed. This is a perfect time to unleash a counter attack, such as a grab or a shoryuken-type recovery move.


If anything you should forward dash a crossup. getting reset makes you have to guess.