How to deal with Crossups as Decapre



Alright, so I know I am doing something wrong, so just assume I’m a noob.

Here is my problem. After looking through every source I know of, and googling it, I have not found a way to deal with crossups “consistently”.

What I mean is this, when Ken does his jump in, if I try to stinger, it almost always goes in front of me. Ex stinger sometimes hits him while going in front but hitting him behind me. I’ve tried varying times, but I believe the term is auto correct, doesn’t feel like its consistent/effective with Stinger.

I’ve tried to use but its weird to even figure out if its the proper range or if it’ll hit or if it will go on the right side.

Her cr.hp is only good against farther away air jumps from what I can tell.

What I am looking for is something to punish crossups when I’m standing or when they are not in the best scenario for it on wakeup. I know its not entirely reasonable to punish crossups on wakeup that are timed well, but I feel like if he is going to jump into me while I am either standing or late on wakeup, I should have a way of punishing that if I have time.

What is the cr.hp for Rose or like Abel’s that deals with most of these not perfectly timed crossups for Decapre?

Sorry for the scrubby question…


Block, block, block

If you play Vega, you will know what i mean


I feel your pain… focus attack dash can get you out sometimes. Other times just trying to block or dash out of the situation can work. If you’re early enough you can neutral jump MK or HP.


Back jump air throw all day long.


in neutral, the best way to deal with it is just to walk under them and punish with a full combo